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How long did it take everyone's 12 week scan to get organised?


How long did it take everyone's 12 week scan to come through? Been waiting nearly two weeks and I'm nearly 15 weeks! Getting frustrated now as just want to know everything is okay!

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you most definately need to ring someone your 12 week scan should be done between 12 and 14 weeks

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Hiya Mango401 it took 2 weeks from my booking app with my midwife for me to get a scan app through and my actual scan was just short of 3 weeks from my app. I was 12w 4days when I got my scan.

Ring the switchboard at your hospital and ask to be put through to the ultra sound receptionist and ask them if they have got your notes for an appointment to be booked. That's what I had to do to finally get my appointment. My midwife never sent my notes through and I couldn't get hold of her by phone so dealt with it myself.


Yes def give them a call ASAP! X


about a week, u shud call asap as shud be between 12-14 weeks so try and speak to someone and get the apt urself x

i found out i was preg in november, didn't get my scan til january. Was 12wks 4days wen i got my scan. But my sister, she found out she was preg in december, got her scan in march she was almost 15wks. Its probs best to phone antenatal clinic at your hospital and find out whats happenin. Ultrasound department book your scans around your antenatal visit. U'll have an antenatal visit at your 1st scan but just an ultrasound at 20wks x

Call them ASAP mine was at 12 weeks. I was waiting for they to send me letter. However, they said there is no request for scan for me. My midwife did not mention the scans. Whenever I call they arrange the scan 1 weeks after.


I've got to say, that's pretty rubbish :S

I had mdwife booking in appnt on Wednesday at 9 weeks; by the following Monday I had a letter from the hospital with a scan date for 12 weeks.

Get onto it.x

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