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Severe SPD + hospital admission

Just wanted to share my SPD experience so far:

After struggling with severe pain since 24 weeks - although keep getting told this is very unusual I hit the point last Thursday that I could no longer manage at home (30 weeks pregnant) and went to my maternity Ax unit who admitted me for pain control.

After 4 days in the hospital and exceptional midwife care I was discharged home.

Unfortunately I find the different medical opinions very upsetting at times

Having being told by different consultants that I can have a varied range of pain killers to manage the pain and have I seen the physio - to which I repeated I have done and they have told me there is little they can help with at this stage I was informed over the weekend that I would be kept in till my pain was at a level that I could at least lie comfortably at home the team on Monday then informed me there isnt much they can do - I can have these pain killers - a significant step down for what I was given while in the hospital and discharged home. They told me they are very concerned that I am low in mood and feel I should speak to someone with regards to this. I was asked if someone in my family could come and help me for a while to which I said no as they are not in the area and then on the discharge summary they put admitted due to lack of support at home and severe SPD.

I feel a little let down by the medical team as felt - is it unusual to be miserable when you have been in agony for weeks and are being told that you are likely to be in agony for the next 9-10 weeks and there is no solution to the problem?!

I also felt their comments on the discharge summary were quite offensive to my husband who is trying the best he can however as I am not able to work as i can hardly move he cannot also not work and be at home to wait on me hand and foot all day

Does anyone have any stories to share about how they are managing their SPD and any further tips / advice?

Many thanks!

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Oh your story is so like mine :( I know exactly how you feel. I am 31 weeks and have had SPD since I was about 17 or 18 weeks. At the same time I was also diganosed with tendonitis in both wrists. Total agony :( 3 weeks ago what I thought was the SPD pain spread, but it turns out that I also have bursitis in my hip. I have now seen 3 different GP's and feel like I am banging my head off a brick wall. The last doctor prescribed me with cocodamol which hasn't helped - if anything it keeps me awake all night. I recently moved house (thankfully to a bungalow, because I dread to think how I would be coping with stairs right now), so had to change midwife. I had my second appointment with my new midwife on Tuesday and just burst out crying as soon as I sat down in her office. She told me to go back to the doctor again and get different painkillers, but to be honest I don't see much point in this. I contacted a physio myself and they have said there is nothing they can do for the bursitis because they use some electro therapy or something. For me the bursitis is my main problem now, I think I could live with the SPD and tendonitis - although I wouldn't have said that before I got the bursitis! It is so frustrating not being able to do anything, my poor husband does what he can but he works long hours and I feel guilty that he has to come in at night and do everything.

I totally sympathise with your low mood - I spend most days bubbling and feeling sorry for myself. I am lucky that I only work part time from home because otherwise I wouldn't be able to work at all. And like you I have no-one round about me to help - we moved for my husbands job, and my friends and family are 4 hours drive away. I am pretty much housebound as I can't walk, and because of the bursitis I can't drive, so it is very depressing and isolating.

My midwife did say to me that if I wasn't any better at my next appointment in three weeks she would refer me to a consultant at the hospital to see about delivering early - maybe this could be an option for you? This did lift my mood slightly thinking that the end could be in sight sooner...because the thought of having to wait 9 weeks, or even going beyond my due date just makes me want to cry! And if one more person says to me 'at least you don't have much longer to go' I swear I will punch them - sore wrists or not!!

Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note to let you know you are not alone, and I totally understand what you are going through. Send me a PM any time if you want to chat. I hope you can get your pain under control soon. xxx


I had unbearable pain since my week 24 too - but no one diagnosed me so far and I am not sure if its SPD - its just very very painful to lie down or to change positions and I walk like a duck at times.

I was referred to a Physio (got the appointment at week 30 after 6 week wait, so you can imagine).

But in between my week 28 and 29 we already had a holiday planned (and Boy! can I say how good sun and total rest is for bones :) in just 10 days I was so glad with my pregnant sun-burnt body, have never enjoyed skin-burns as much as I did this time, obviously because the skin-burn rashes are less pain-full than the pain in my back and legs).

So when I came back to UK and met the physio just 1 day after my return, I was ofcourse in my happy state with much less pain, and physio dint take me much seriously eitheir (despite of me telling her that I have an RSI in my right shoulder and had a history of left-knee pain due to a historic twist and fall - so in a way I cant lie on my sides for longer than 5 or 10 minutes and I cant lie on my front of back due to the joys of pregnancy either - I wish I could sleep standing !!) So over-all my GP or the physio or the mid-wife have not taken me any seriously so far and I am just living with the pain. There is no mention of my complaints (this or rest) anywhere in my notes, which makes me paranoid at times (most of the times)

asking my husband to to help me each time I change my position (and thankful that he is working from home and I have also sifted my stuffs from the Uni office to home, so now we are in proximate physical distance to each other).

now in my 32nd week - I get good and bad days and I dont know yet if the condition I am experiencing can be medically termed anything !! i am just adding more pillows, cushions and chairs to the house and ranting about Scottish NHS system !! what much can I do.

But Chin-up girl, this too shall pass :) (that is what I am consoling myself with)


Hi, I cant imagine what you are going through mine is bad enough.

I already have hip problems due to congenital dislocation of both hips from birth, with my first child I suffered from about 20weeks with serious back and hip pain, I was refereed to a physio who gave me a hip support strap to wear during the day, it helped a little but I struggled.

This time round currently 28weeks and have been suffering with SPD as well as back and hip pain since 19weeks. Its such a pain not been able to get comfortable, even sitting hurts never mind standing and walking, which obviously makes driving painful too. I have spoken to my consultant regarding another section as I am not comfortable trying a natural birth knowing the problems I already have (my hips dislocate on a regular bases to start with) I have already been admitted to hospital once to re-position my hips as they dislocated and I hadn't put them back in the right position myself. So the thought of going through labor with these problems which will no dougt cause further complications frightens the hell out of me and my partner. I am now down for a c-section. My midwife and consultant have referred me to a physio again this time round (not sure what use it will do mind) and I have seen my GP to discuss pain relif options. I was already on cocodamol tablets from the start of my pregnancy as they had to take me off my usual medication when I found out i was pregnant.

I have now been given a stronger does of cocodamol for day use and 30mg of codine to take before bed as I am currently having to get up 3 and 4 times through the night to move around as lying is bed is so painful (specially my front pelvis).

I do however find that having a warm bath before bed and putting a heated beanbag or cushion behind my back when getting into bed eases the pain a bit and sleeping with a cushion or two between my legs helps as its leveling out the pelvis and joints whilst sleeping.

Not sure if any of you have tried swimming I no been in this much pain that sounds like torture but the water does re-leave alot of tension and pain even if you cant bare to actually swim just genital walking in the water helps (I don't feel a thing when i'm actually in the water just remember to take it easy). I am currently still working 37hours per week as well as looking after my 4 year old daughter after work and my partner is a chief who works around 60 hours a week so most of the time I have to do alot on my own which is a struggle and does get you down specially if you find yourself alone alot of the time, always remember you are not alone and there is always someone else out there alot worse off then you are. Also remember this is not a permanent issue and should ease off once baby is here, if it doesnt there is alot more treatment you can have when not dealing with the complication of pregnancy. I will be put on the waiting list for a hip replacement after this baby and I can say for sure I wont be having any more, don't think my body can take it, I'm not physically the strongest person in the world by any means to start with.

Hope my advice helps even just for a short while, everyone is different but its worth given it a go. Good luck hope you feel better soon. xx

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Thank you for your comment. Very helpful. Trying them NOW


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