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33 weeks 4 days....... I can't keep awake?

For the last week tiredness is an understatement!

I go to bed by ten pm absolutely no energy, I fall aleep fine, I wake three times for a wee throughout the night, I seem to wake around 3:30am watch tv, feed the pets at 5 am go back to sleep till 7:30am......this seems to be my pattern

But now I can't keep awake for long, every few hours I keep dosing off, especially after I eat, , I'm sleep in ten minutes......

I take iron tablets everyday only 200mg as I can't stomach 400mg due to constipation. I drink lots of water due to gestational diabetes, on the good side of things my sugar levels for the last four days have been perfect as I'm on a higher dose of insulin.

Any ideas? Am I the only one like this? Is it impending labour?

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Did u mean 3.30am? If ur having 2 hours where ur awake its like ur going to bed at 12 o'clock at night so no wonder ur still tired. ... Are u still walking up at them times? If that's the time when ur in deep sleep and its being disrupted then that's probably why ur so tired coupled with ur heavily pregnant. .. Try sleeping thru them times and seeing if u feel better for it? I sleep well but I also still have an hour every day cos I feel so tired x


I like to think of this "tired-ness" period as your last days of freedom.

I remember when i was gettin ready to have my son & being exactly the same. I'd get good days too where i would feel like i want to do anything & everything around the house.

But yes its absolutely normal. (get it in while you can) LOL!



Sounds like you are getting into a bad sleep routine to me. I know the wee situation doesn't help as you do constantly seem to pather back and to to the loo in the night but try and go back to bed and not get up if you can. Are you finding it difficult to get comfy with the bump or do you just automatically wake up in the early hours??


I just wake up, wide awake :) driving me mad!


Hell sweetie, i too wake up in the night, usually at 2, then 3, then 5.... Generally I need a wee and go back to bed, but I started doing stuff too which was not a good idea! Even though you think you're wide awake, drag ur ass back to bed and close your eyes... Even if u dont sleep, just laying is resting, and it's better than running around doing chores.

I would suggest you mention it too your MW though, just to be on safe side xx


This is completely normal! If you think about it, you're living not only for yourself, but for your baby. Although your baby is smaller than you, it uses up a lot of your energy so being tired is normal. Any form of resting is better than nothing so instead of turning the tv on when you wake up, try reading some poetry or listening to some calming music. It's also likely that you're body has just become used to waking up in the middle of the night, which is annoying but there's not much you can do about a bad sleep pattern.

I'm only interested in pregnancy and midwifery, never given birth or studied midwifery but I'm pretty sure it's nothing to worry about! x


Thank you ladies xx x


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