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Why me?!

thats all i keep saying to myself......

i know im not the only one suffering with Hyperemesis but when you have a phobia of being sick it doesnt help at all. i thought the steroids had helped but since the consultant took me off them ive felt sicky all day every day and the sickness now, after 4 weeks of being off steroids, has returned with a vengeance.

I keep thinking 'please dont let it get as bad as before' i cant afford another 8 weeks off work and 4 weeks in hospital.

ive tried it all now. and the worst thing is the thought that sticks in my head. :( i sit and cry when i feel sick because i dont want to be sick. (like a child in some respect)

I just wish that it would disappear and i can enjoy my pregnancy now x

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Go back to your gp and get back on the steroids, you poor thing, sounds really awful. I had eight weeks of severe sickness that was enough!

Also the last thing you need is to be getting depressed, ver important you tell your doc and midwife that your struggling .

Take care xxx


Poor you, I can only imagine what you're gojng through, I hope it gets better soon, hugsxx


Oh bless have u gone back to midwife to let them know? Must be so awful for u..How u get sorted asap xx


My consultant weaned me off the steroids due to the baby being at risk of diabetes and me of gestational diabetes. but they are the only thing that helped.

My midwife on the other hand.......never get hold of them. i have three mobile numbers and not one of them answers. i find them useless.

thanks all. i hope it gets sorted too x


If you're at risk of gestational diabetes then surely the worst thing is not being able to eat? Is it not better to be on steroids so you can eat than being too nauseous to eat and therefore at risk of hypoglycaemia? Does your consultant know you're getting worse again? Some of them still think hyperemesis isn't a full term problem, they think it must go away after a few months and if you don't darken their door again then you must be cured. Sympathise with the midwife problem, in my experience the ones who actually do have a clue are in the minority.


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