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Virginal Birth after C-Section

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Hi all, I had a c-section in 2010 with my daughter, i am now expecting my second child(20 weeks) and would like to have my little boy naturally, do you lovely mommies have any tips for me to help make it possible.

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not experienced this for myself as im 18 wks plus 2 with my first but one of my very good friends gave birth to a beautiful little boy last week naturally, she had a c-section nearly 2 and a half years ago with twins, all the way through she had had every intention of giving birth naturally this time.

However she was constantly being given conflicting information by professionals, at first they told her they would induce her at 38 weeks due to pressure on her c section scar then this changed and went back to she could go into labour naturally, then she was told she was only aloud to be in active labour for 12 hours (again because of scar) and this is what she went into hospital thinking she went a few days over 40 weeks and was in labour for 14 hours, she said it wasnt a very good experience due to babies heartrate dropping and she didnt feel like she needed to push and had to be cut but dont think this had anything to do with that fact she had had a preious c-section, he arrived safe and sound and a very good weight and they were both home the next day

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I am the opposite to you. I had both my boys naturally but have got to have a C-section with my 3rd which I am gutted about but gonna take there advice. How long did you have to stay in hospital after the section?

What as your midwife said, is it possible for you to give birth naturally as dont they keep an extra eye on your scars etc when you go into labour??

If your consultant is happy for you to do that hen go for it I had a vbac after 9 years and it was ok..there are some guidelines that are in place because of a previous section like your only allowed to be on labour for a certain amount of time because of pressure on your scar.. just be aware of them and get fully informed from your consultant and make sure your midwife is on the ball, and let them know you know the procedures...I just found one of the midwives to be crap honestly and complained but the second time I had a vbac was amazing...brilliant midwife, as soon as I had my son I said 'I'd do that again' lol xx

Thank you guys for all your comments, i was in hospital for 3 days and my scar took a little while to heal, my concern is this is my second baby and i can't afford to be in bed for even a day as i still need to take care of my other child but having said that i am not prepared to take a risk if there's a possibility of it harming the baby. It sounds like i will have to go a c section to be on the safe side. Keep well Ladies!

HIya - I'm going for a VBAC. I had a c section last as I have a gynae condition, but I my condition is under control now and I can't wait to give birth naturally (am 35+5 today). I don;t want to have major surgery again (c-section are a big deal!) and want to be up and about quicker like you. x

@minime61 how long ago did you have your c section?

Had my csec almost 2 years ago and am currently 26wks and going for a vbac - midwives and consultant have agreed for me this is the right route too because I laboured OK, just had breech diagnosed at 7cm (10cm by the time they got me to hospital to confirm!):-) It's quite scary hearing all the potential issues though - risk of scar coming apart increases if they induce you, they won't turn a breech after a csec. I've been told that from when I get to labour ward will have a monitor on so they can keep an eye on the scar, also won't be allowed anything other than water in case the need for csec comes up. Suggest talking to your midwife and consultant to see what they think best, and understand why, as seems to depend on reason as to why you had csec as to what they recommend (if if it was because I'd had a baby that was too big for my pelvis they would be monitoring me on growth scans and looking at elective csec). My scar (of cpurse can only see external one to know) took a long time to heal last time so was quite worried that they wouldn't allow vbac. I had a birth afterthougts session at my hospital the other day where they go through everything that happened and why - this really helped me with knowing vbac was the best route for me (midwife was surprised I wasn't still in shock from my birth after everything that happened!)- if your hospital offers this then i'ddefinately recommend it as this is where I have found most my answers to stuff for this time :-)


where are you due to give birth? I'm a similar situation, I had my daughter Nov 2010 by emergency C-section (late diagnosed breech) and I'm hoping for a VBAC second time round. I'm 33 weeks, due end of June 2013. My hospital had a very good physio led VBAC info/prep class which has made me feel far more positive about my VBAC chances.

I can't really run through the whole class but have you looked into "optimal foetal positioning" exercises... and maybe the Natal Hypnotherapy Programme for Effective Preparation for a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean ??

Its not the same as hypnobirthing, less American and less hippie in my opinion (nothing against people for whom hypnobirthing worked but I didn't get on with it!)

I also joined a local VBAC support group...You might might want to check out ... and find out if there is one near you?

Hope it goes well, keep us posted.

Best wishes,


Hi @minime61, I haven't had a VBAC either, however, I recently shared one of my blog readers stories:

It's a lovely story so should hopefully help your mind at ease :) Good luck!! Hannah xxx

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