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Second scan dates - how late?

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Hi chaps,

I'm coming up for 20 weeks next week and my antenatal unit wants to move my second scan from next week to June. I'll be 24 weeks minimum by then and I'm really unhappy about it. If anything IS wrong, then surely waiting an extra month to check is foolish. Any advice?

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Are they insisting you move it ie, we have cancelled your appt? I guess they know what their doing but I would say I would not be happy about waiting another 4 weeks for 2nd anomaly scan, it's a fabulous scan too.

Just a phone message saying they're rescheduling and could I call to discuss. Also didn't leave a name or a number - excellent work there.

Hi, the anomaly scan usually takes place between 18-21 weeks (just confirmed on the nhs website), I wonder if they've made a mistake somewhere along the line as 24 weeks seems really late in my (non-expert) opinion.

If I were you I'd find the number for the ultrasound dept, mines in my notes but I'm sure you could find it online and call to see why you've been moved. Otherwise perhaps your midwife could shed some light?

I hope you get it sorted, my 20 week scan is next week and being told to wait another month would be torture! :-)


To my knowledge the 2nd scan can take "anywhere in the regions" of 20 - to 24+wks.

If you are feeling as if something is wrong inbetwen the appointment you're always entitled to contact your nearest Maternity unit to let them scan / monitor you.

Try not to feel too worried about it as you may know the NHS are very much "squeezed" for staff in these current times. You could always contact the antenatal unit again next week just to confirm an appointment has been made.


I would give them a call and say you are unhappy about it, see if they can find you a sooner slot x

Give them a ring and say do you realise ill be 24 weeks then? They prob made a mistake I had mine at 22 weeks but I'd been scanned at 17 weeks on my appointment with doctor so I wasn't left wondering I wouldn't like to have been kept wondering. Let us know how you get one be pushy and persuasive but polite and don't take a no for an answer :-) xx

If it were me I would kick off big time! 2 of my friends have had serious anomalies diagnosed at week 20 thanks to that scan. They can't delay it 4 weeks that's unacceptable. If there is a valid and unavoidable reason why they absolutely cannot do the scan at 20 weeks then I would look into going to a different hospital for it. This scan is very important; you and your baby should not be put at risk in this way. Sorry if this is a little forceful but i have had cock up after cock up with my hospital last time and its made me realise that sometimes you have to fight for what you feel is right. Good luck x x

I would ring them and get in touch straight away explain your not happy they are re-scheduling your appointment as you will be 24week by the time you get the scan and tell them your concerns there usually helpful like that and if they cant fit you in around the correct time they shold be able to organise you going to another hospital to have it, not sure which hospital your with but mines UHND and there usually pretty understanding like that.

Good luck xx

Right - phone calls had. Administrative cock -up. They're not moving the scan (phew) they're moving another appointment which they HADN'T TOLD ME ABOUT ANYWAY. Sigh. Fine, I can go to this new date, and check the little bean is all comfy next week. Thanks for the advice chaps.

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:-) all good Hun

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