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17+6d with identical excited but so many questions. EDD 1/10/13 anyone else in the same boat??

Hi all, so at my 12 week scan I was a bit shocked to find out that I am expecting identical twins in October, after the shock wore off, (this took a couple of weeks) im ecstatic. Before I knew, I had got my head around having one baby and knew how hard it was going to be as im going to be a single mum, but with 2 I admit that it did send me into a bit of a panic....thankfully iv got a very good support network around me and cant wait to meet my 2 little monkeys! Iv got an anterior placenta which I think is blocking me feeling a lot of the movement and all I can really feel is my heartbeat pulsing in my stomach. I assume this is normal and hope to start feeling them jabbing me soon enough. The other thing that has been bothering me is that I will be 18wks tomorrow and I don't think I look big enough yet, I know that one day soon i'l wake up and wonder where this huge bump came from, but at the moment when people ask if your expecting and your like yeah, im 4 & 1/2 months with twins, they're firstly like "really are you sure? you don't look that big!!" then secondly "im sure they will be lovely, but how are you going to cope??" its driving me mad! I am under no false elusions, I know it will be hard at times but I also know that it will be the most rewarding thing I ever do as a person! But why do people always feel the need to point out the negatives??

Im receiving great care from my hospital consultant, (the midwife couldn't care less, but 1 out of 2 is better than none I guess!) Iv been having scans every 2 weeks since 16wks, I have another this week to keep an eye on how they are growing and to check there are no signs of twin to twin transfusion, they were very happy at my last scan as they were both within millimetres of each other but I have been warned that there is a greater risk because of the shared placenta.

Im getting really excited about my 20wk scan on the 15th of may, I know that this is an important scan whether your carrying a single baby or more and I haven't bought anything for my little ones yet, as firstly I want to get the all clear from the scan (the usual, make sure everything is good & well in there) and secondly I can hopefully find out then if its pink or blue!! I really don't mind which it is as long as they are healthy.

I haven't really enjoyed my pregnancy health wise though, in the fist 12wks I had really bad morning sickness and nausea and from around 13wks I started getting constant headaches which some days are worse than others, but are always there. Iv had more tests at the doctors in 5wks than iv ever had in my life to rule out all sorts of dangerous conditions, one doctor even recommended that I see a neurologist for a head scan but I am reluctant to do this (un-necessary radiation) and I voiced all this to my GP and he agrees with me that it hopefully is all the hormones (twice the amount of a normal pregnancy) and so im persevering until they either go away on they're own or until after iv had the babies when the tests wont effect them.

So there you go....that's all for the moment! Id love to hear from anyone who is in a similar situation to mine, there are so many worries in pregnancy and its all so new to me, I just want to make sure that its "normal" :-)

Bye for now xx

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Ah congratulations! Your be fine...I had 2 close together 15months I know your will be different but at times when they were a bit older it felt like I had twins! my friends that have had twins haven't been that big...twins are usually smaller than just one baby so try not to worry too much, but oh how lovely identical


Congratulations:) wow twins how brilliant xxx

I have an anterior placenta I would say I felt real strong kicks from 20 weeks:)

Good luck x


I'm a mummy to identical twin boys who are now 18 months, I had scans every two weeks it's amazing watching them grow and when they was born they was such good boys I fed them at the same time ect any advice I'm happy to help x


I'm twenty one weeks pregnant on Wednesday with twins but I don't know whether they are identical yet as I have been told I have two girls :) but with my twins having separate everything there is a chance they could be either. I'm over the moon but like you a little anxious about there being two, but like you said you have a good support network so you will be fine, same with me makes things a lot easier :) these are my first children so I won't know any different and neither will you once we establish routines etc we will be sailing along!! Congratulations and nice to hear when other people are expecting twins xxx


Congratulations on a twin pregnancy looking forward to seeing your scan picture on here at 20 weeks. :-) your very blessed to have a twin pregnancy.. With the good support and it sounds like your doctors are treating you very well I wish you a very pleasant pregnancy. Xx


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