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Braxton hicks 31 weeks 4 days

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Boom braxton hicks, bloody hell I forgot how painful they are talk about my body in training wowzer. After a five year gap I totally forgot how they can stop you in your track.

My hubby's face was a picture he went all quiet and I said feel how tight its gone, utter shock as he didn't remember me having them before. So only two in ten mins but its a sign of things to come...

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Hiya im 32 weeks 4 days and i know how your feeling.. they are deffinately getting stronger :( Im always getting people to feel how hard my belly is :) lucky enough they ease when i move position.. not for much longer though :) xxx

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I honestly didn't get them with my second only my first and well they where pretty strong last night :-(

Wow coincidence! I'm 32 weeks on Tuesday and today I have had a few strong braxton hicks, I think they are! My belly goes really hard and I usually have to change position to feel comfy, but not painful, sometimes I fel like I need the loo!

Mine dont stop with moving position I literally have to breathe them away. Very much like a normal contraction, :-( they are cope able and make my belly very tight indeed, the face of my hubby was a picture lol immediately look worried.x

I've been getting them for 3weeks now am nearly 28 weeks. My last pregnancy was 12 years ago I forgot all about them

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How are they angieste27? Good or bad?

There manageable I normally just relax if possible and get a warm bath with relaxing music

Is it wrong to love em??!! I know it sounds mad, but mine's a miracle baby and every twitch is fab!! My belly practicing doing it's thing has made me start with perineal massage. Practice all the way! Sometimes it feels so tight that I think I shall burst. I put on oil or spray the shower head on my belly. That's nice.

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Lol yes ha ha... But miracle baby and I bet it feels pretty special to feel your tummy tightening. :-) perineal massage , honestly never done this is it recommended? I'm using that dove firming cream every night it's good to moisturise tummy reduces stretch marks and the colour of them. How far along are you blue321? X

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It does feel special!! I'm 33 weeks now, so feeling pretty safe :D - perineal massage was recommended by my NHS practitioner from 35 weeks to stop tearing for those who have teared and those who have never given birth. Here's a (very graphic) nhs leaflet!!

The cream sound nice... I seem to buy oils and creams wherever I go... only one or two stretch marks on my (enormous) breasts, so that's good. How far are you now? x

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Illness sure to look at the site later when my hubby is around lol can imagine his face ha ha. I'm 32 weeks its flying by almost to the point of two weekly appointments :-) x

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