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Baby movements

Hi All, just wondering if anyone can help. I'm 22 weeks pregnant with our first and worried about lack of movement from baby. We had the 20 week scan last Monday and all was fine and I had midwife Friday and heard the heart beat but I do worry that I'm not feeling baby enough. It might sound a silly question but could it be because I'm bigger than some? I'm a size 16/18 and wondered if that could be hiding some of the movements? As of yet I've not really put on weight as I weighed myself at midwife Friday and was just under what I weighed at my booking appointment - not sure how I've managed that really but I'm pleased. I've eaten normal throughout but maybe not picked as much as I normally would through just not wanting anything.

Has anyone else experienced this or should I be worried? Any advice gratefully received :) xx

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They do say your 10kicks a day and if you have been feeling them but then they have slowed and you have noticed a change then you should contact has probably moved try not to be too worried but I've them a call they are very good and will pop u on the heart machine for half hour....that usually wakes baby up let us know how you get on xx


Hi, was your placenta in the right place, sometimes this can effect what you can feel. I have been getting feelings daily since 18+ weeks but my friend who is 10 days further on is still not feeling much at all and she said her placenta might be resposible as not in a great position. Just a thought. I hope you get kicked in the belly soon! In a nice way of course XX


i am the same size as you. with my first she was the same. everything was fine though my midwife said its where they kick to your back and you cant feel it. she would go all day and i couldnt feel anything then the midwife would check me over and everything was fine :) its a worrying time


Hello! Please don't worry about this! I too am pregnant with my first! I'm now 28 weeks and I didn't feel baby start to kick properly until 23 weeks! Mainly due to the fact that the placenta was lying at the front so basically acting like a massive cushion! Believe me you will notice the difference as she gets bigger and stronger! I now feel mine on a daily basis and some days she is having a party in there and some days she is a little sleepy! But I do feel her move regularly! It is true that with your first you may not realise what your feeling are actually baby movements, however if you have definately been feeling lots of movement and this has slowed over a number of days then contact your midwife if nothing else than to put your mind at ease! Plus I too am on the curvier side! You may not feel kicks from the outside but you will definately feel them from the inside!! Good luck and take care! Xx


Hi there, it is worry and I know it's so much easier to say try not to worry that to actually stop!

I am 38 weeks and still panic he's not moving enough some days - but then he'll go an prove me completely wrong by moving non stop the next day! I's it very reassuring having this forum and knowing you're not the only one having these worries and thoughts.

I had the same panic around about 22/23 weeks, and the midwife was quite surprised I'd felt anything prior to that, she said they only really expect feeling proper movements after about 25 weeks. Every time I have been checked and scanned his heartbeat, growth and movements have all been fine, so I have just had to put it down to having quite a lazy baby at times that sleeps more than most...I'm just hoping that proves true on the outside now too!!

The thing I've also found as I've got further along is that if I sit quietly with my hand on my tummy I can feel movements, but if my hand weren't there I wouldn't have felt anything, so on days when I'm up and out it's actually more likely I don't feel him, even though he's probably still having a good wriggle in there.

If in doubt or at all worried they can monitor you, and the midwives are very good.

I'm sure you've already been told, but thy say that eating something sweet (like chocolate) and drinking ice water then lying on your left side normally sparks little one into action, but don't panic if it doesn't I ate practically a whole tray of ice cubes on one occasion worrying and still didn't feel anything! But the next day midwife checked and he was fine!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.



I'm now 31 weeks with a anterior placenta so didn't feel really consistent movement till about 25 weeksm before it was regular but not strong and so days I didn't feel much at all. Even now some quiet days and some active days.

It's from 28 weeks you should feel 10 movements in 12 hours.


Thanks everyone. It's funny after I posted I swear I could feel the little mite moving around, typical. Maybe I will just have days where I don't feel as much. I don't think I've felt any kicks yet but think I've defiantly felt him moving around. I can understand why they say first time mums don't always know its baby as I wasn't sure to start with. When I had my scan I was told my placenta was up out of the way. I just wondered if my weight could affect what I feel.

Hopefully I will feel baby kick in the next few weeks I can't wait. I know my other half can't wait to feel a kick either :)

Congratulations and good luck too all you with your pregnancies as well :)



I'm 21 weeks with my 1st an haven't felt my baby girl move scan showed all was fine n I listen to her heart beat a lot at home but worry there is something wrong so weird I've lost a stone in weight but then got a baby bump now so the weight is ok widwife said my weights gd as my BMi was height to start just wanna start feeling the movement gd luck n ur not alone xx


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