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Hello I'm new here I have DM. I got it 10 years ago.I was working in a nursing home and passing medication and I would put the styacope around my nice and then a rash came. I thought it was from the stethoscope. Or the alcohol wipes. So I stop using them and didn't put the stethoscope around my neck and it was still there. Went to see the dermatologist and she said it was cancer or Dermamatmystitus. I still work full time but it's very hard sometimes.and I been on the prednisone for 10 years. Now everything is going wrong.

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Hi Roberts. I think you need a change of doctor to see a Rheumatologist and have a new look at what is happening to you. Rheumatologists are the lead Consultants for DM/PM but they will often get an opinion from other specialities such as Dermatologist, Cardiologist or Respiratory Consultant. A lot has changed in the treatment during the last 10 years and certainly the discovery of Myositus Specific Auto Antibodies have helped with the treatment plan. Do you know what auto antibody you have, 10 years is a very long time to be taking steriods but I don't know what dose you are on. Please do get a Rheumatologist to have another look at what us going on. Best wishes. Mary


On 10mg daily and will look for a rheumatologist. Thanks


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