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My carousel horse

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My husband just finished this. There is no stain, it's all natural hardwoods. He's getting pretty good at it. I love this one. It complements the actual carousel that he made for me a few years ago.

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It's lovely!

He does nice work:)

Thanks, I lucked out when I found him. He is very talented with woodworking, but he can also fix anything and he can do my hair, he is also a cosmetologist/instructor. I always tease him that he is the only man I know that can wear a tool belt with a hammer & drill on one side and a blowdryer & scissors on the other side! When I met him he did finish carpentry. Then he checked out a beauty school for our daughter & decided he could do that. "It's all the same," he said. As it turned out it pretty much is all the same... angles and color. He's a certified master colorist (hair color) but he so far has been able to match any stain old or new.


Those skills would make a good hairdresser. Attention to detail.

Too bad they don't all know that


What species of wood did he use for this project?

These are the woods he used & where they come from: Wenge, Congo Africa, Purple Heart, Brazil S.A., White Birch, New England U.S.A., Black Walnut, Ontario Canada, Black Cherry, New York U.S.A., Padauk, Myanmar, Asia, Canarywood, Panama S.A., Aspen, Great Lakes, U.S.A.

That's awesome how he"paints" with the wood.


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That is so good, your husband is very talented with a good eye for detail. Tell him well done 👏 quite the craftsmanship.

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hairbrain4 in reply to jimeka

I will thanks!

Wow 😯 way cool 👍Ken 🐾🐾

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hairbrain4 in reply to Kenu

Thank you!

That is absolutely amazing

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hairbrain4 in reply to Turtlepie

Thank you!

Very lovely piece of work! Talented he, fortunate you!!

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hairbrain4 in reply to goatgal

Thank you!

He is SO extremely talented. and Yes, Lucky you. does he do your hair color? I'd love to see the carousel he built for you!

Thank you! The horses are ceramics that he painted, the top & bottom are Padauk that he turned on a lathe & then did an inlay around the base. The poles are brass.


A man of many talents!

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hairbrain4 in reply to bxrmom

Yes he is! Makes me jealous sometimes too.

My nieces ride horses. They would ❤️ that.Must’ve taken him a while ⏱

It took him about ,5 weeks to make it.

Beautiful work.

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hairbrain4 in reply to cljones

Thank you.

wow this is absolutely is so pretty just like it is ...congratulations on such a great job by your husband just can't believe it proud of it ...

Thank you. I'm kinda proud of him too!

i would be and i bet there are others that think so also...enjoy such a handy wonderful and happiness is great for medicine in life ..

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