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Taopatch use for MS.

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I’ve been receiving information and advertising about these patches to use for MS symptoms. The reviews sound good and the company sounds legitimate. The patches use nano technology to improve balance, spasticity, and foot drop. Has anyone tried them or heard about them?

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It sounds like a good product. I have never heard of it before. If you get it let us know how it works for you.

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KarenUSA in reply to Turtlepie

I will let you know how the patches work if I end up trying them. The financial commitment seems doable because they can be returned if I’m not satisfied.

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Turtlepie in reply to KarenUSA

Sounds like a win win

I bought it through their Kickstarter campaign when it first came to US. It was SUPER cheap compared to what they are asking now and I was ok with spending a little bit of money to try it. I tried the 3-pack of Start patches. You are supposed to wear them for only a few hours at first and build up to all day over the course of a month. I never made it to all day...

Consistency was really my issue. If I could have just put them on and left them, it's possible I would have continued to wear them and could actually comment on their effectiveness. That being said, I didn't see any dramatic changes in the couple weeks I kinda used them. Pretty sure that's to be expected when you don't used them as instructed.

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KarenUSA in reply to CV97

Thanks for your honest response. I’m still on the fence about trying them because they aren’t being offered at a bargain $ price. But, I would like to know if they work. It’s the only new idea I’ve seen. I’ve reached my limit and am tired of physical therapy exercises for foot drop, knee hyperextension, and balance.

dunno if i should say this, but i typed in the name and the first thing that came up was 'scam?' which was scary. i read the article and they seemed to think it mostly worked (or "worked") via the placebo effect... but it would be nice if it worked, huh? if you do try them, i hope they help you.

stay strong.

Thanks for your input. That is what I was afraid of about this product.

Not worth wasting time and money on. Seems a fair bit of the claimed "scientific evidence" is either faked or by authors who cannot be located. Probably most of the "Testimonials" on social media feeds are fake as well - like a variation on the scamming theme of Dr Bug-a-lugs wonderful herbal cures but a bit less obvious. I've also seen on other sites where people are not getting their money back under the so-called warranty.


Probably get more pain relief from spending the money on chocolate.........

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KarenUSA in reply to Frances_B

Yup, I was afraid of this happening. Thanks for your comment.

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Frances_B in reply to KarenUSA

When this sort of stuff comes up just remember the old adage about if it sounds too good to be true etc...........

it's super annoying. they know how desperate people are for relief and bank on (pun intended) a willingness to try anything for relief.

I'm a skeptic about anything that says 'nano' anything. Be careful.

"Pain Relief Patch Science Reviews

Separating the State-of-the-art-science from the Snake oil

To those with MS looking at TaoPatch, please don’t be blinded by desperation! As much as you want a cure or solution, you need to stay skeptical if you don’t want to be fooled by products just like this."

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KarenUSA in reply to jeffhem

Yes we are desperate for symptom relief.I’ll be ignoring this nano patch idea.

Taopatch is just another elaborate con game, a total scam. And a very expensive one, at that. Here is a pretty good review of the rip off. painreliefpatchreviews.com/...

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KarenUSA in reply to BettysMom

This was a good review and helped me make up my mind. I’ll pass on purchasing these patches.

Thanks for sharing the link.

No. Never .

Could you send a video o images or more information about patches?Thanks Taopatch?

Put your money in this product I no longer wear a KAFO Wear this all the time Takes about 5-7 days when the difference hits


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deedeedah in reply to deedeedah

This is my story


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