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MS cure??


What do you think about these sites on the internet about “HOW THEY CURED THEMSELVES OF MS and they’ll show you how” just for you to sign up!! They show themselves walking effortlessly or running unassisted. I don’t subscribe to these posts but I guess some patients feel helpless and would do anything to help them live and feel symptom free 🤔🤔. What you think??

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How can they claim this as fact when no one has found a cure for the common cold! Charlatans, all of them, and be very wary of such claims!

Royjr in reply to carolek572

I agree!

Spam. ❤🌷

Royjr in reply to RoseySawyer



If it's too good to be true...

Royjr in reply to greaterexp



Royjr, it's Fancy. Although we constantly hope that new DMTs wiĺl be found that will cure MS to this date there is no scientific proof that any DMT can cure MS. Before we can hope for a cure we have to figure out what causes MS and it appears there are many different theories that are centered around what causes MS in different people and in different areas. So don't buy the fake news that people cure themselves of MS. Perhaps they thought they had MS and they never had it diagnosed from a true MS neurologist and what they thought was MS actually was not. That's my logical guess on the matter. Fancy

Fancy, I agree. I just be seeing these posts and be wondering what others are thinking about these posts.

kdali in reply to Royjr

You’ve seen them here?! Or on FB? I see a lot of nonsense on FB since I’m in keto and fasting groups 😵😩🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

The old diagnostic criteria required a separation of time ( 2 separate exacerbations) and space ( between 2 or more lesions). I was diagnosed in the ER with a major exacerbation, after they made me rack my brain until I remembered that I had an incident where my foot had been numb for two months, several years prior. They counted this as the first one.

This makes me wonder if people can think that they are cured, when they are only between exacerbations.

I’ve never been a fan of the C word, so it’s an instant eye roll for me whenever I hear it. I don’t think people appreciate what that word means. I don’t think people understand the natural progression of this disease either, which is baffling considering what one can learn from a simple google search.

I agree 100% with you. My tia chi teacher believes she healed herself but when I told her the form of MS - PPMS she has there is no medicine for it she just looked at me funny and said she healed herself from eastern medicine. She wanted me to take all of these pills and I told her if the dr didn’t give it to me I’m not taking it.

Yes she is no longer in a reclining wheelchair but that doesn’t mean she is cured from MS.

IFwczs in reply to rjoneslaw

These pills sound like my Chinese herbs! She was just trying to sell them.

rjoneslaw in reply to IFwczs

She wasn’t selling them I had to purchase them myself. I asked sister if she heard of them she told me she had. I just don’t take anything my dr didn’t give or told me to take.

IFwczs in reply to rjoneslaw

You were right not to do it. I had lots of hope for the Eastern medicine since our medicine has no cure for MS. But all it gave me was mercury poisoning and a depleted bank account.

I am realistic and not expecting a cure anytime soon or at all. I'd be happy with a treatment that stops the progression of the disease in a more predictable way than today + solutions to rebuild myelin.

I think MS is on the same path as other autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis. 25 years ago, there was no treatment beyond steroids. Now RA patients treated early get into remission.

I am actually very hopeful for better treatment for MS as we're benefiting from the research done on the immune system for cancer, and on the brain for Alzheimer.

Haven't seen the "Cure Sites". And wouldn't spend but a moment to see what they were claiming, looking for their proof. I know of no cure for anything health related really. Just managing. A simple headache is cured by aspirin if lucky, until the next one. Same with M.S. However, one can manage and improve their M.S. to some degree. I like spending time in steam sauna's! LOL! No, I can do 115°F all day in the summer sun in the southwest where the humidity is almost non-existent, like a blow dryer in your face. Really! But Florida's summer, I have to take refuge in a beer cooler. The humidity up here in the north (Illinois/Wisconsin) is H E double toothpicks too.

Back to topic: You can do what you know is right. Take the DMT's, till you can no longer. But also, look at what you eat. Nothing less than seriously. Otherwise just forget it. There is lots and lots more constantly coming out even by the M.S. agencies on the benefits of exercise and eating healthy. I've seen benefit in eating healthy. For me it was a result of an almost unreal necessity. I was tired of being essentially comatose all day everyday. I noticed it started every day with the first bite. So I stopped eating till I could allow myself to go back to the stupor state, at the end of the day. Then I started juicing fruits and vegetables, to get nutrition earlier. It worked. Ate lunch like I used to, nope, comatose. So I did about 2 years of juicing till dinner. Then I phased in blending the same in a high power blender, to try and get bulk to keep from getting hungry until dinner. That worked. Eventually I phased back in healthy eating trying to follow the best I could the Wahl's paleo hunter gatherer diet. Primarily fruits and veggies with small portions of lean meat, fish, or seafood. Been there ever since. I push to walk as much as I can. I now shoot for 10K steps per day. I have done twice that, on a good day, till my shoulder gave out from the use of my cane (originally for mobility, but for the last 5 or so years, for balance. I recently shed the cane! And a few symptoms including some I was told would never go away, over the last couple years. There is no magic pill. No easy way. But nutrition and constantly pushing yourself! Can help!

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