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Unnumbered post COVID19 an OPINION 29 Dec 2020

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Beloved ms family. I hope all are well and thinking about the New Year. Another in our long life with ms. Stay resilient, believe in yourself and accept the uncertainties of our disease. We have it, it can not be cured, BUT we most certainly can live with it. How well is our choice, no matter what does not work in our bodies.

Live with your ms, do not believe everything "YOU" are told. Look closely with your own eyes, your own experiences. Not everybody has your BEST interest at heart. Look closely around "YOU". There are lies everywhere. We are being manipulated left right and centre. Be careful. Keep up your Disease-Modifying Therapy (DMT). Relax, do not fret. We have a long arduous hill to climb on this our ms life journey.

Conserve your energy, concentrate on yourself and maybe your loved ones. The World will solve itself, it has for eons.

Royce (your ms writer and Brother)

Live your best, the best way that you can

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Yes, I agree with you, Royce

Live your life as best as you can and just worry about things that are in your control! Keep Smiling :-D

well said ...if only more would take your words and believe what you are trying to tell them ...no cure but we still can live our life ....love and happiness to all and may the new year comes with some blessings for all...


Yes, get whatever you can from your DMT as long as you can. But try this. Eat natural foods, nothing artificial, and see what happens! I miss the interferon type dmt's, I was "invincible" avoiding common illnesses for decades. 100% invincible. Had to quit after the last 2-3 years of flue like symptoms from the DMT's. Got a good many year run out of them. But the biggest improvement came later, with drastic diet changes.

I agree, I never had any sort of cold or flu while on interferon Beta 1b, just hated needles.

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