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I have very little feeling in my fingertips, so hand sewing is close to impossible. Part of it is MS, part of it is age. But drop a coffee bean, a pea, or a needle: all are difficult to pick up. Hence, this poem:

Once in St Louis, a woman sat on a bench.

Tired, I sat on the other end

My shoulder oblique to her.

Into my silence, she spoke

When you are old your fingertips

Are smooth. You have no

Fingerprints. I laughed, mused aloud.

Then’s the right time for a criminal career

I’ll leave no trace behind.

As a native American, she said,

I know these things.

That was all.

Today my needle fell to the floor

I failed to pick it up, my fingertips

Too smooth.

My criminal career begins.

I’ll leave no trace behind.

I know these things.

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Are you turning into a pickpocket goatgal ?😂🤣 I don't feel old, wait. What is old? 😒 And your not old, it's MS, it's always !😂🤣🤗💕👻

goatgal in reply to Jesmcd2

I'm not ancient, but I'm getting there.

I resemble that remark!!


I can no longer do any hand sewing, goatgal but I have a sewing machine! :-D

goatgal in reply to carolek572

In a push button world, I am often embarrassed because I can't correctly recognize the pressure needed on key pads, elevator buttons, door locks and so forth. I push the call button for an elevator and nothing happens: the light goes on, but the force was evidently not hard enough to connect and summon the elevator. The light goes out, someone else comes up, pushes the button hard enough and voila, the door opens. Until I figured out that I was the problem (not enough force) I would take the stairs, leave my groceries in the cart while I went home for the checkbook because I couldn't get the card reader to respond to my pin, and...and... and...because, all the time, the malfunction was in me, not the machines.

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to goatgal

I often have a hard time with revolving doors. I didn't before, and I laugh, when someone notices, and say that I forgot to eat my Wheaties for breakfast (or spinach for lunch) :-D

goatgal in reply to carolek572

Revolving doors and escalators terrify me! I can no longer time my entrance and exit properly and won't use either unless there is no other option.

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to goatgal

Me too, goatgal I have been known to stop traffic (and not in a good way) to up/down escalators! You should try that in an airport, which sadly, is where I do it all the time! :-D

goatgal in reply to carolek572

In familiar airports I've scouted out the elevators for just this reason. If it's an airport new to me, I have to wait until the crowd has thinned...same with those moving sidewalks. I am very unstable in those settings. I've often thought I need one of those signs that some trucks have: caution, slow moving vehicle! If I ever travel again (post COVID 19), since I don't have such a caution sign, I intend to have wheelchair assistance for my own safety and peace of mind.

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to goatgal

Wheelchairs are the way to go, and ask for assistance (porter). It is so worth the $5.00 tip, and it's the only way to navigate any airport! :-D

goatgal in reply to carolek572

I have been known to go around twice in a revolving door because I can't get out quickly enough on the first revolution. If I ever go missing, just look for a revolving door somewhere. I'll be there, trapped.

CrazyCatWom in reply to goatgal

I have re enacted an episode of The Walking Dead when I've been trapped in the revolving door at the University Hospital. I'd press my hands and face to the glass, have my tongue hanging out, cross my eyes, until a doctor or nurse got into the other side. Just trying to have a little fun where I could. Of course, I use a cane and haven't been trying to use a revolving door with a walker or wheelchair.

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to goatgal

Imagine if there were revolving doors, side be side, and you were in one, and I in the other, we could wave to each other all day long! I could get my 'steps' in! Can you think of the 9-1-1 call, and how it would sound like, goatgal ? :-D

I like it!

One of the more aggravating things for me is lack of dexterity/feeling in my fingers.

I make adjustments but it doesn't always work out.

goatgal in reply to falalalala

And yet, you create beautiful paintings of Gremily with every whisker visible!

falalalala in reply to goatgal

Thank you!

It is teaching me a lesson in not taking things for granted.

That and controlling meltdowns.🤣

Love the poem. I have that problem with my right hand. Taking a picture with my phone using my right hand is impossible. So is it true that we loose our finger prints as we get more mature? At last something to look forward to 😂

goatgal in reply to jimeka

I don't know if what the stranger said is true. I just experimented with one finger on an ink pad, I don't see many lines/whorls but maybe I pressed too hard or not hard enough...(my usual problem)

jimeka in reply to goatgal

I will ask Dr Google 👍

jimeka in reply to jimeka

He says yes, as we get older we lose the elasticity in our skin. 🤗


When I was a kid, the nurse who worked for my dentist explained to me that she has washed her hands so much for so many years, that she no longer had what we would recognize as fingerprints. I was very impressed, and she became my hero for her years of toil.

I’m sorry for the loss of feeling and dexterity in your hands and fingers. But thank you for your humor. You’re amazing.

I guess, I too of a member of this club.....

Numbness and lack of coordination.

If I don’t laugh at it I cuss....

It is amazing, all the little things I took for granted!

I try to adapt....

One of my favorites I will share.....

Ziplock bags and bags they say are re-sealable....

NOT 😠—-not for me anymore... I used to try and try, eventually got mad 😡 and cut it open with a knife 🔪!

I have the frustration and getting mad...I laugh 🤭 and just cut it open!

See, IS true....with age I guess I can gain wisdom...


goatgal in reply to Redhead4377

Yeah, me too! All those tear open bags where two sheets of plastic need to be separated...takes me forever.

Hahaha. What would you take? Sewing needles, perhaps?🤣😂🤣

goatgal in reply to Ali_B62

I think I'd rather steal time.

Ali_B62 in reply to goatgal

What a brilliant idea! Never enough hours in the day yo get everything done!🤣😂🤣

I just got done telling my family doc that I have reverted to being a 6mo chasing cheerios. I have random dexterity issues with my R hand. I'm a nurse so this makes for some interesting days.