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Unnumbered post I just watched an Elon Musk talk 24 Sep 2020

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Family, I just finished watching an Elon Musk talk on YouTube. I got from it try, try, try. Keep trying, accept setbacks and failure. Learn from them, make adjustments. Make improvements learn from your mistakes. Make adjustments and carry on. Have a big goal and work towards it. Make changes as "YOU" need to on the small things but always have that long term goal. When the world says that "YOU" can not do something, prove them and yourself wrong.

Royce ( your ms writer and Brother)

always adapt and allow yourself to succeed

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Hey RoyceNewton I don't have a big goal. I just want to get through each day. What about "YOU?"

Nope big goal all the way for me

So RoyceNewton what is your big goal?

I am working on it every day

I dont really even want to build 100 starships to send to Mars at 3 per day till 1million people are on MARS! (Elon Musk goal) however, I have a list of people that i would like to see make that journey, considering its going to be a 1 way trip and all.

This is an awesome post because when those goals are met... priceless!!

I think it is best to dream HUGE it makes life fun

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