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Unnumbered post The aim is not to win 11 Sep 2020

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Beloved ms family good morning. I am under 100 F and it is grey upstairs. (in the sky) All together good, all my bits work, I have no pain and the joint dog is barking like crazy, I think I will go check. As I suspected nothing, but it was a walk to the window and made me move, I guess that was a good thing. I hope last night was good for "YOU" and today is the same.

Strange topic, I think it is important for "YOU" to seriously define winning to yourself. Allow yourself to adjust your goalposts. Accept small victories, allow yourself to build on them. Do not try to climb Everest in one day, give yourself time. Give yourself the ability to win. Remember the aim is not to win, we can not and will not win our whole ms life. Nobody can. The aim I feel is to win small pieces and build on them. Win just enough to keep "YOU" happy, but embrace the failures because "YOU" tried.

Royce (your ms writer & brother)

never stop trying, you never know what you might achieve

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Hey Royce, See here's the thing. What is a win? Is a win getting a scooter and collapsible wheelchair if I need it? or maybe a win is refusing to sit and exercising my legs more so I can walk without a walker?

exactly sis, YOU and nobody else must define your win, and it might be everc hanging. I do not think the journey is ever a straight line

I don't know the answer. The answer can change. Yesterday's or this morning's yes can turn into a no later or tomorrow or even now.

what time is it there?

1030 am Friday 11 Sep

so we are only 3 hours apart?! It was 1:30 here.

I am Arizona so yes

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JSSimp in reply to RoyceNewton

Love the post. Everyday when I am able to remain positive and encouraging to others it’s a Win for me.

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RoyceNewton in reply to JSSimp

That is a VERY GOOD win

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JSSimp in reply to RoyceNewton

Thank you Royce!

I thought you were in Australia?

I was in Australia now Arizona

When did you move? Are you from Australia? Why did you move? If this is too personal, just stop me now. Take care,

well said and yes we have the ups and downs but we do go on ....had leg cramps last night so my sleep was interrupted several times but ha don't have them all the time so life goes on..hopefully tonight i can make up for the lack of sleep last night ...it was from doing more lifting of critter food that i had picked up ...due to the smoke i worked faster and that was probably why i had the cramps ...just do what i have to ...take care everyone .stay safe ...hope all are safe from all of the fires....love and much happiness ..

sweet deep dreams yronight sister

That sounds great to me! I often have problems with being over-ambitious with just little things in the house. My body soon tells me I can't do it! Got to laugh.🤣😂🤣

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RoyceNewton in reply to Ali_B62

I think overambitious is okay just learn to accept failure with a shrug and move on

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Ali_B62 in reply to RoyceNewton

Probably right, I do get too hung up on failure!🥰

We don't have to call it failure. We can call it: Tried as hard as I could and got something done.

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Good post, Royce. Never give up on yourself :-D

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