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I am so proud of the Afghan Turtlepie crocheted for me I thought I would show everyone how happy it makes me.

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Oh, I love it!!

Turtlepie did a great job, it’s a beautiful, useful piece of work. Enjoy, 🤗

That is so great!

Your smile and Trutlepie’s beautiful work!

that is nice

everyone who post their projects make me want 2 learn how to crochet

Turtlepie in reply to rjoneslaw

There are a lot of good videos on the internet

rjoneslaw in reply to Turtlepie

I saw that but the downside to doing it is I have 2 go 2 the store and I having 2 walk around large stores 2 look for stuff. Plus dealing with my sister in the store is stressful enough because she’s on top of me asking me am I done yet. I can’t just look and compare.

Also another problem is I don’t have a lot of strength in my right hand

I really wish in the winter when I’m looking for a solid black hat that I could do. I have yet to find a cheap hat . They’re always sold out because my sister refuse to take me 2 the store b4 they’re sold out

So for now I’ll be admirer from a far.

Turtlepie in reply to rjoneslaw

I know what you mean. My boyfriend seems to rush me unless that it's shopping he wants to do

I ordered this yard online. Just saying. I haven't been in a store in forever because of Covid and my scarred lungs. Still having breathlessness.

I have to see what I’m getting so I wouldn’t buy anything online.

But like you I haven’t been in a store since this mess has started. I have only been out the house 4 times and that was to the dr because they couldn’t be done on the phone

Well, MS has forced me to change a lot of my preferred ways of living and shopping and eating and socializing. And I have returned a few things. Turtle pie helped me pick out the weight of yarn etc. These past 3 years I have lowered my level of “perfect” and “it’s gotta be this way.” But Life is Good and I still have my T-shirts to prove it🤣🤣 (That’s my up moment)


It's beautiful. I love the colors.

agapepilgrim in reply to mrsmike

I chose the colors to remind me of ocean waves, the surf, coming in while I am sitting on the beach listening and watching, since I can't go anymore. She did a wonderful job. I chose the shell pattern to remind me of finding shells.

Looks nice and comfy☺️👍🙏 Ken 🐾🐾


Gorgeous afghan and gorgeous smile!

Thank you. It was a joint project. She did all the work, and she let me choose the ocean colors and the shell pattern. I used to crochet afghans and shawls and capes and sweaters and table runners, before my hand and arm became damaged by MS. It is made of bamboo cotton yard, so it is cozy to replace my cozy furry friend. I can never thank her enough. And the Mandi pillow jimeka made me. Gotta post of picture of that, also.

Beautiful! (Both the Afghan & you) 💕

Thank you. She is talented!


You look so happy, agapepilgrim ! She did a wonderful job, and I didn't realize that it was so big! I thought that it was 'shawl' size! Keep Smiling :-D

Turtlepie in reply to carolek572

I prefer to make the big blankets.

I asked for that size so I could snuggle under it to make up for not having my furry friend to snuggle up with, and I ordered the ocean colors to remind me of sitting on the beach watching the waves, the surf come rolling in and giving me peace. I am amazed it turned out so beautifully. She is talented! pretty love the and happiness and you have it all...

Yes, it turned out beautiful I chose the colors to remind me of the ocean waves coming in, always changing colors. We always went twice a year, and I grew up in Florida, so I really miss the amazing colors of the ocean, the Gulf, the sound of the surf. And the shell pattern is to remind me of collecting shells, that was a hobby. I am so thankful turlepie let me choose the colors, the cotton yard, and even the pattern and size. She is precious!!!

The pattern and colors are very pretty!

I think so, too. She did an awesome job, and she let me choose the colors to remind me of the ocean,

beautiful espcially with the cozy lady under it:)

Thank you. If I had thought of posting the photo, I would have cleaned up the couch, but hubby just snapped the photo, and I knew anyone on here wouldn't care anyway. I love the ocean colors. God's great creation.


Thank you!

How pretty!

Thank you! From both of us!

It's beautiful!

Thank you

You look soooo snuggaly and comfortable. The Afghan is beautiful! What a nice gift.

agapepilgrim in reply to Humbrd

I am! I snuggle under it every evening now and think of the ocean and can almost hear the surf!

You are wrapped in the love love of a friend! What could be nicer? Wonderful picture of you and blanket!

agapepilgrim in reply to Amore55

Yes, the it is so much more precious because I know it was made by someone who loves me and understands MS and suffers with me and let me choose my ocean colors and the soft bamboo cotton. I am so blessed!

Beautiful. I love the colors.

agapepilgrim in reply to cljones

I chose the colors to remind me of all the colors of the ocean.

cljones in reply to agapepilgrim

That's what it made me think of.

You look nice and cozy! Beautiful!

I am! It is so soft and comforting, especially when I am in pain.

So beautiful! And you look so happy and comfortable under it!

Yes I am. It has been especially nice since I can’t shake this pneumonia I’ve had for a month 👹

Oh, I did not know about the pneumonia! You are in such a vulnerable state now. Please be ever so careful in everything you do. You're in my prayers!