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Something my neurologist said way back coming back to haunt


So many years ago when I was new to this MS stuff my neurologist said" having MS doesn't give you a get out of jail free card for other ailments" .... Well all these years later low and behold i am recovering from open heart surgery, seemed impossible, not only to me but also to everyone that knows me, as I have been a distance cyclist for decades( did Bike to the Bay for 16 years) and been vegetarian most of my life and walked many miles each day for work..... but as the cardiologist said" genetics, genetics, genetics". hope nobody else on this site experiences this but yeah having ms isn't a guarantee of avoiding other diseases. Thanks for the space Robert

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I’m sorry to hear this. You’re so right; genetics do play a big part in our disease processes.

I hope you have a speedy recovery. Please let us know how you’re doing. I wish you the best.

bikeguy in reply to greaterexp

Thank you so much for your well wishes, it's very helpful when in isolated recovery

Yes it’s unfortunately true. Many on here suffer with cancer or other autoimmune diseases or diabetes, I am sorry about what you have had to go through, I hope you make a good recovery , Blessings Jimeka 😊

Very true. Praying for a speedy recovery. Blessings

bikeguy in reply to mm1527mm

Thank you for your thoughtful reply helpful in the healing process

That is crazy to need surgery after considering your lifestyle.

Even doing everything that is proper and healthy one can still get blindsided by genetics.

Very annoying but am glad things are getting better.

bikeguy in reply to daveh121

Yes thought I was doing what I could to prevent this but thank you

Speedy recovery 👍

bikeguy in reply to erash

thank you for your reply!

bike guy sorry to hear. It’s just amazing given your healthy lifestyle. My father drank and smoked a pipe most of his adult life and lived to be 94 with no ailments! It is interesting just how much genetics come into play. Godspeed. Keep us posted. Much love, Kelly

bikeguy in reply to Amore55

Thank you so much for kind thoughts, trying to hang in and get stronger

My dear sister, 4 years older than me lived such a clean life, did everything right!

Never even tried smoking or drinking, did regular check ups....

And the damn cancer still took her, she was 44.

bikeguy in reply to Redhead4377

yes I have had many poeple in my life you would never expect to go early do so, one at thirty nine right after passing a physical

Redhead4377 in reply to bikeguy

I know it’s probably not appropriate,

But the song... only the good die young has been my mantra

I have lost so many....

bikeguy in reply to Redhead4377

No worries, I find inapropriate and irreverent are often the most applicable responces many times. I appreciate the sentiment and actually the same song popped into my mind( what is left there of)

Redhead4377 in reply to bikeguy

So hard to “like” a post like that

But I understand...


So unfair! You did all the right things for SO long!

bikeguy in reply to Juliew19673

Life throws us lots of curve balls keep trying to return as strong as I can, thank you for your thoughts

Speedy recovery, bikeguy and you will be stronger than before! :-D

bikeguy in reply to carolek572

thank you for your kindness Robert

Good luck on you recovery bikeguy Life sometimes throws us a curveball and we have to adjust the best we can. Keep us updated on your progress, vent when you need to.

sorry to hear that

Thank you, helps to hear nice thoughts

When I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I thought I was done in the disease department (barring the complications that come with it)

Then I got MS and was surprised yet relieved that I got answers to why I felt soooo great. (sarcasm right there)

I try to look at these things as tests to see how strong I really am and there are some benefits like getting out of stuff you do not want to do. :D

That's all I've got for today, but I wish you a speedy recovery:)

bikeguy in reply to falalalala

Thank you for the shared experience and good thoughts best wishes for best health possible Robert

falalalala in reply to bikeguy

Thank you :)

All that good living will keep you in good stead for your recovery. Happy living for many, many years

bikeguy in reply to eharoot

Thank you for the positive reinforcement it helps Robert

Your recovery will be easier and faster because of your cycling. It probably doesn’t feel that way to you now.

bikeguy in reply to kdali

Thank you for the feedback, been a little hard to be optomistic, as recently as last year by this time I would have a couple of century rides under my belt and several hundred miles just in comuting, now I have gotten up to 12 ... but trying to stay positive. As I told one of my co-workers " I am very grateful to be alive; however, it is very different life than the one I remember just a few months ago" . Hope you are doing well in this strange new reality? Robert

kdali in reply to bikeguy

That’s because you are comparing yourself to a healthy well trained guy who never had this type of challenge him you look like a little punk? It might even feel pointless to try some days, because you can do “so little”, but you have to keep digging or you’ll never get yourself back to good. Treat yourself/talk to yourself like you would a biking friend who just had heart surgery. You should think they are amazing for getting back at it so soon!

I have lofty goals for this year and have joined some groups and challenges online to inspire me and to be a cheerleader for others. I hope you will post back when you hit 50 and’ll get there 🥳

bikeguy in reply to kdali

Thank you so much, your encouragement means a lot, you are a cyclist also? yes Robert

kdali in reply to bikeguy

No, I’m a retired nurse who has had to pep talk a few young people into giving the walker a spin down the hallway! The fit ones were always better off recovery wise, but mentally it could get dicey for them when they realized the gravity of a broken body. I’ve never been an athlete, but I don’t think it’s too late to learn to run properly! I start in a few weeks and if all goes well, I’ll do a half marathon for my birthday. My eye is on a full marathon, but I’m trying to be realistic with MS and 2 kids under age 3 🤪

If you don’t have a charity app for your rides, Charity Miles is great and has an outdoor biking option. My charity is NMSS (MSAA is not an option yet), but there are many great ones you can choose! There’s a Facebook group for it too. The Indy 500miles challenge is going until Dec, also has a Facebook group, and lot of people are biking it.

bikeguy in reply to kdali

Thank you so much I have really! learned to appreciate nurses even more than I already did with my recent health issues, and I have several friends who are nurses living with MS, they all seem to do this with such wisdom and grace, and judging by your feedback you're no exception. Robert

kdali in reply to bikeguy


Wishing you a speedy recovery.

bikeguy in reply to Smithnova

Thank you for well wishes

so sorry,sorry for hubby did the same thing.after heart attack,got defibulator,hospitalized several times ,defibulator recalled,had to have it removed after wires grew to heart,and dr was right genetics,genetics! mine also added don't forget old age,some things are age related.Ms. is just a bonus.i hope you heal very quick:)

bikeguy in reply to pamgarner

thanks for sharing this story, although very different from mine it helps to know others have survived heart issues, even if difficult hope you and he are well now

Sorry to hear of your surgery, but good to hear that you are recovering! Maybe your healthy lifestyle is making your recovery possible.😏 Stay strong & hopefully you will be back to biking soon. Praying for your full recovery...🙏

bikeguy in reply to 2littletime

Thank you for your words of encouragement this strange new world we live in makes it hard to get the kind of support we used to with in person support groups and that kind of thing... so I have learned to really value this tool. again thank you Robert

Glad you are ok mate, but yes sadly your doctor was so right, ms is not going to end you bbut something else will, stay well mate

bikeguy in reply to RoyceNewton

Thank you for kind thoughts, hope you're staying well also

My best friend was a vegetarian and a marathon runner. Still had heart attack and died at 28 yrs old.

Hidden in reply to TexasLawman

How old are you

bikeguy in reply to Hidden


We all wish it could be different but nothing is ever guaranteed in life. I'm very sorry for your added struggles and hope you'll get better quickly.

bikeguy in reply to anaishunter

Yes, That was kind of the point of my original post, but thank you for your kind wishes. Hope you're relatively well, and stay that way Robert

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