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I think my travelling associate Relapsing-Remitting multiple sclerosis (RRms) wants to remind that no matter how reasonable my efforts are, no matter how obsessed I am at doing everything that I can think of right. No matter how reasonable my efforts are, it is still there and has its malicious way with my body. Whenever it wants to. I am still breathing, so it is still there. The only way that it will ever leave is for me or "YOU" to stop breathing, and for me, that is a price I am not willing to pay just yet. The choice is always yours, but I feel that I have done 20+ years and I can still do more. The fire within still burns as does yours. No matter what ms throws at me, I can brush it off. Cry a tear and take that next step forward, and if I can so CAN "YOU". I believe in "YOU" even when "YOU" have your moments of doubt. "YOU" my RRms sibling are so much stronger than "YOU" think. So much stronger than an anybody gives "YOU" credit for, than anybody believes. Even on those dark and lonely nights than "YOU" yourself believe. Merely cope with the next minute, then the minute after that. "YOU" can do that; it is only sixty seconds.

Let me remind you, RRms, we can and will do this, we may hate it, but we will never give up. We are too good, strong, bloodyminded ever to let RRms destroy what we are.

Royce (the ms writer)

you can live with this

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Amen. 🤗☺️♥️🌹

this is great i hope our new person that has joined us gets to read this can put it in to words so well ....again thank you for the wonderful writings....have a great day in what ever you want to do ...just enjoy it ....laugh and may you be filled with love and laughter and smile at others for they to have there own problems that we to can't see but need someone to help them thru them...

thank you ver much

thank you ....


Never, ever ever ever ever give up ~ Winston Churchill :-D

smart man

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