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Feeling anxious about possible ms


Hi everyone

I'm sure you have lots of posts like this on here and I'm sorry for posting another but just dont know who to speak with about this

In October last year I started to experience a twitching top lip, within a 2 days this sensation had progressed to a numb feeling in my chin. Then in a space of 2 weeks I then experienced a crawling sensation across torso, twitching temples, pins and needles in left palm and left foot, left shin pain. These all subsided

The the pins and needles in palm, foot, came and went. Shin pain came and went. Now 7 months on still have very subtle occasional twitching lip but my left eye lid is twitching more (over 1 month now). Shin pain coming and going

I've had full blood all ok, emg ok and now waiting for doc to give me MRI but he doesn't seem to think its Ms but these feelings have been so strange and I was totally healthy before. I'm so scared and just feel in such a complete muddle

Does this sound like Ms? And could this go on for so long?

Thank you everyone and reassuring words would be so appreciated right now

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i hope ur able to find something out soon

I am NOT any type of Doctor, but let me assure IF it is ms now is a great time to be diagnosed. There are a number of medicines, there is lots of VERY GOOD information available, and truly there is not a thing to be concerned about so there is no n need to worry if it is ms. Get a firm diagnose s and move on from there, Good Luck and have a nice day.

VwPoppie in reply to RoyceNewton

Thank you. It's very kind of you to respond

RoyceNewton in reply to VwPoppie

hey you join this gang (group) I am sure that you will here from me lots, just do not worry

God bless u for this reply....you sound firm and genuine

thank you that is nice of you to say


MS symptoms are so varied. I hope you don’t have MS, but there are many tests that could help confirm or rule it out. Are you seeing a neurologist?

I hope you will be your own advocate and keep looking for answers. We are here for you as you go through the diagnosis process. Let us know how you’re doing.,

VwPoppie in reply to greaterexp

Thank you everyone for your kind words

I have appointment with neuro on Friday so I will let you know

Thanks once again x

There's not much I could add to greaterexp's advice as it is spot on.

I hope you get your answers soon.

It can require a lot of patience but take the time to be properly diagnosed. Keep a log of all the symptoms so that you can present your doctor with a good view of what's going not just on a specific day. MS is tricky in that everyday can be different.

Don't take any shortcut. I've just read a recent article that 1 in 5 ms patient is misdiagnosed (painnewsnetwork.org/stories...).

I hope you don't have ms but if you do, you've found the right place to vent, get advice and anything else you need.

Hello VwPoppie...sorry you’re going through all this and for some time now...neurological problems do have the potential to be quite complicated and symptoms can be overlapping from one disease process to another...so, there can be other causes of your symptoms that may mimick MS...either way...try not to worry about it until you and your doc go through a thorough ruling out period...anxiety is understandable when we are faced with the unknown, but it has a way of exacerbating and/or even causing symptoms...so try to ease your mind for now...and plz keep us posted...we’re here for you! 🦋🌺

VwPoppie in reply to Timeflies5

Thanks both of you. Such kind, supportive words. What a wonderful community you are. I will let you know following neuro appointment x

I hope you are able to get answers soon. MS can be a scary diagnosis, but it can also be relieving to have an answer. You are in my thoughts.

glad you are going to neuro,I wish I would have found mine earlier,iwas always blaming something else,anxiousness,menopause,age etc. some things are hard to ignore,hopefully dr has answer

Nobody here is a doctor and we have a whole variety of symptoms. When you've met someone with MS you've met one person with MS. We are all different. Saying that I will tell you not to fret if it is MS. I was so relieved to find out what was wrong and it hasn't ended my life. Changed is sure and in many ways to the better, believe it or not!

Not sure if this is what you are dealing with but hopefully they will do an MRI to look for clues. You may end up having a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) which sounds way worse than it is.

I think the not knowing part is way worse than the finding out part. At least you know what you're dealing with and where to go from here. The very best of luck to you. I hope you get answers soon.

Thank you so much for these positive comments

Hi everyone

Well to report I had mtg with neuro today. The only things he mentioned was a slightly exaggerated knee jerk and no abdominal reflex?? I've never heard this before?

Anyway now waiting for MRI but worried because of the absent abdominal reflex

MRI could 4- 6 weeks x

Keep a daily diary of your symptoms. Hopefully not MS. But you found a good group of people here. Keep us posted.

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