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Mitochondria explained in Layman's terms

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Simple article explaining how mitochondria which provide power to our cells work. While the diet and lifestyle recommendations offered are common sense, I am not sharing this article as an endorsement to the list of supplements. I would work with a doctor on that.

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Great article, thank you 🦋

Very informative, thanks for posting👍It seems to me w/ the candida overgrowth cleanse diet, that too would help our mitochondria. 😍Blessings 💐---Jazzy🌹💜

Good share anaishunter.👏

Great Info. But lay man's? Okay, even though I took several years of advanced biology, it was never my thing. I'm and engineer, not a doctor. I got by, but....BUT, I am a firm believer in it's all about what you eat. From the person who crashed eating pizzas, pasta, ...., heavy never ending stress..., a few toxic people in the mix..., my mitochondria definitely crashed and M.S. flourished. "Managing my Mitochondria" was Dr. Terry Wahl's book I was told about years ago by my Neurologist. It was what put the idea of having to change my diet dramatically to get better. And it worked!!! And yes, I take the supplements as also recommended by by Neuro, but it is the FOOD that matters most. Thanks

nice article. thanks. I better get busy.

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