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For many years with the busy holidays I loose myself. I find myself wanting it to be over with... Since my husband passed and the family has seemed to separate I have not enjoyed the holidays. I've dwelled on the pass.

I am going to enjoy myself! I'm not going to stress! I'm going to start Loving the holidays again!

This is a gift to myself

I hope each and everyone of you stop and enjoy the moment. Stop when you are tired so you dont over do! Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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I like your change in attitude, it has a definite ring of being positive, good on you. I hope your Christmas 🎄 is special this year, blessings Jimeka 🤗

I normally love Christmas, but can overtire and get stressed more easily now. Thanks for reminding me to do a "Scrooge" test daily and make sure no negative attitudes creep in.

Great attitude despite your many setbacks!

Christmas is receiving the Savior of the world who chose to meet us in humblest form, a baby,, so we could hold him in our arms and hearts. May his Love bring you joy in the midst of your losses, knowing his promises and hope and peace and joy. I know it has changed for me and the "fluff" no longer matters. Merry Christmas

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