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Wonky Eyes


Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? My eyes have been acting weird lately. Lots of twitching in my eyelids and frequent tearing, but not from crying, just happens randomly. Also have lots of gunk that forms in each corner of them, day and night. Just got an eye exam in August and new glasses, only thing that optometrist saw was astigmatism. Said optical neuritis wasn't present, but whenever I wake up I see weird stuff, like images that aren't there, flashing lights and stuff. Hard to explain, but just wondered if any of you have experienced this? TIA! 🤔

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The flashing and other stuff you see may be associated with the astigmatism. Flashing can also be a sign of retina problems. I have seen weird stuff as long as I can remember; none of it was associated with MS, just astigmatism and bad retinas (a family legacy). This might be something for an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist.

I have retinitis pigmentosa‘s I see black spot I have seen them more when I’m outside. You should go to the other doctor. Question for you how are your tear ducts are they open? Be careful when touching your eyes you don’t want to get conjunctivitis. Keep washing your hands before and after you touch your eyes. I say this because my family had a bad case of it a number of years ago. My husband was allergic to the medicine. Let me just say it was not good.

You should go back to the doctor.

Best of luck to you.


I see unusual patterns every time I close my eyes. Especially the more tired I am.

bxrmom in reply to CalfeeChick

I have the same thing happen when I'm really tired CalfeeChick


CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to bxrmom

It’s a bit unnerving as I then want to create the design.

Bamfan1442 Get your symptoms checked by a opthamologist, preferably one familiar with MS. Your neuro can probably refer you to someone appropriate. Optical migraines can present with distortions in the visual field, odd images (almost like silent movies) and colored patterns when the eyes are closed, as well as occasional flashes of light (all without pain). Oliver Sachs wrote a book on migraines which explores the varied ways in which migraine presents atypically. I experience optical migraines of several sorts and floaters; I'm sort of used to them now because they have been with me most of my life. My eyes are often achey, and sometimes bright light is painful. I avoid situations where there are bright/moving lights and loud music/sound tracks because these give me a terrible headache (so I rarely go to the movies, found dances excruciating). My neuro-opthamologist sees no problem on the optic nerve or retina, so I suspect this is due to MS damage on the optic nerve caused by optic neuritis, which struck in 1989.

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