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Interesting initiative. For chronic diseases, US, the patients have sometimes the most clever ideas to deal with our daily challenge. This company, Lyfebulb, help with the process and has run programs for diabetes, cancer, IBD. MS is next.

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Thank you, mind provoking, blessings Jimeka 🦋

anaishunter Here's what I would love to see someone invent: a gauge to show that my energy level is low and is close to being depleted. It would be helpful to have a visual indicator to show to those who can't pick up on clues and cues, who have to be told.

JTZES in reply to goatgal

I would think a fit bit would give you indications of that.

anaishunter in reply to JTZES

The Fitbit (and similar devices) will tell you how much you consume (energy measured in calories) but it doesn't really tell you how much is left in the tank. This is a good idea, still unclear how you'd measure.

Maybe a real-time comparison of what you consumed for the day compared to previous days will tell you if you get closer to your highest points and therefore close to an empty tank. But for us MSers, the size of the tank is different every day, so it makes it harder.

JTZES in reply to anaishunter

This maybe something to go old school on then. My days do very but not by much each day. Maybe a 2 week journal may be helpful to cross reference with your fit bit.

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