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Is it worthwhile to stay in an unhealthy marriage?


Hi everyone!

I am currently married, but am weighing the options of getting divorced. My MS has been progressing mildly over the past six years and I don’t think he is mentally, financially, or emotionally at a place to be supportive while I battle this disease. I work full-time and often feel like a single-parent. I know it is important for me to take care of my mind, body, and spirit; but I am hesitate to divorce due to being fearful of the unknown that comes with being single and having a chronic illness. Do any single/divorced MSers feel like they have access to supports and resources that are able to help them through this journey? Just want to do some research beforehand.

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I’m so sorry you are in a place where you are considering it. I know there are several members here who have faced divorce, so I hope they will chime in.

Do you have any support system, like family or good friends?

I found a great job that allowed for me to move closer to family and they have been amazing! I think that was the wake up call.

That’s a tough question. I don’t think the journey you’re talking about have a specific support group for that. I do know that there’s counseling couples can do. I think your local MS Society can direct you in the right direction for that. Talking to a preacher may help. Sometimes you need someone just to talk to that don’t have any bias interest to just listen and give advice if you request some. I truly wish you luck in whatever you decide to do. Keep your head up and think about your child (children) and do what’s best for you. Stay strong.


Amerilove1 in reply to Royjr

Thank you!

Royjr in reply to Amerilove1

No problem👍🏼. If I can help further just hit me up.

Prayers for the difficult decisions that you are facing.

Royr, gave u excellent advice, & Many deep Prayers for the difficult situation you're in.🙏🙏🙏😍 💐Many Blessings for ya!---Jazzy🌹💜

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