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Meeting material


Hi All. I know I’m not here regularly anymore but I do pop in to try and keep up. I am doing fabulously!! I want some input from you all. I have agreed to co-lead my local MS support group. Please give me suggestions of what YOU would like to see or discuss at meetings. I’d like to be able to put together some really helpful material.

Thanks and Love, Karen

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Hey that's wonderful Karen-x 🤗 are you doing it for National? ☺️ I wish you a ton of luck! The best advice I can give you is to have fun with it!!!🤗💕


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Hi Jes, we are technically an MS Focus Independent Support Group Network. I think we removed our affiliation with National MS Society because of a lot of political BS. And we didn't feel very supported by our area headquarters. Sweet thing with the MS Foundation, they give us $50 a meeting for food!! Always a winner in my book.


Karen! That's great news!!!

I've never been to a local MS support group meeting, but I think one question I would have is if there is a list of helpful organizations for people like us, such as government agencies, private or church ministries, etc.

I wish you the best with your new group! You'll be terrific!

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Thanks Love. First thing I need to do, I think.... is create a website for our group where I can post all those helpful links.

my 2 cents worth, [as a suggestion] websites are difficult to create and maintain. I don't know what media you are using for your group. Let me cringe first, but Facebook is already setup to handle much of what you might want to do. You can create docs with links in them and make them available to view. I'm sure you have it figured out. I wish you much luck with your new venture. Be good to U ~terry

So glad u r doing well 🌈

I wish you every success!

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