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The day started out better until I went to take my shower and I was half in the tub and half out. I was on my tub chair when all hell broke loose I fell out hitting my head on my rollator seat and down I went on to the floor. I tried to call my husband but didn’t get through so I pressed the emergency button and I couldn’t hear them out side the door. So I called 911 which I did not realize I get the state police and they inturn calls my town police and so I also called my town police. I am telling her I have a lock box and then I am telling her I have no clothes on oh great not

So here they are in my house I am on the floor with my rollator and me blocking the door. And I am thinking this guy better be skinny. Oh yeah the water in my shower is still running. He gets in an says let me shut the water off it was 4 inches from the top of the tub some how the tub drain got pushed up. Well I say to him I need to put my night gown on. Well he said I need to get you off the floor and the other guy is trying to get my wheelchair to me. At one point while in the wheelchair I said every one close your eyes and I get dressed.

My husband is on his way home and I am asked if I take blood thinners I don’t. They take my vitals every thing is ok my blood pressure is a little high I wonder why well I said I don’t want to go to the ER after they left my head ached 😖 hurts more so I got dressed and go to the ER to make a very long story short I had a CT scan and everything is a ok they gave me a shot of morphen let me tell you that made me feel worse. Headache wise But it is a good thing my husband has the day off I am wobblly on my legs. This happened Sunday at 1pm and now it’s 6:19 am Monday morning.

I really hope today gets better.

Bye all

I do have to give my neighbor a big thank you for getting the alarm button and my son for getting me to get the lock box for my house. Some thing to think about every one.

Stay safe.

30 Replies
rjoneslaw profile image

I hope you get better and today will be even better

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ssdw1958 in reply to rjoneslaw

I just have this HEADACHE 🤕 that is so bad I need it to be gone.

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I hope everything gets better for you. I sure do hope that headache goes away soon. ❤🌷

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Woke up with one of those the day before yesterday ssdw1958 omg! I was going to scream! Thank goodness I feel back to sleep!

You might think about a fall button! Just in case. T was a good thing you had your phone! 🤗💕 Hope today is better for you!


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ssdw1958 in reply to Jesmcd2

I do have a fall button I couldn’t hear them my bathroom door was closed

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Oh my goodness. It never rains but it pours ar your house. Keep an eye out on that headache, I hope and pray that you feel better real soon, blessings Jimeka 🤗

Doubled51 profile image

Wow you did have a bad day. Glad you had a way to call for help. Not having clothes on is just a normal thing for most of these responders so I wouldn’t feel bad.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Hey ssdw1958,

Please stay safe. I know that that it is easier said than done. Just goes to say that even everyday activities can be so problematic. I am happy that you have safety measures in place prior to your incidents. I will definitely take your advice and have them as well for the 'just in case'. A lock box and a medical alert pendant.

I am glad that you are recovering, although headaches are not fun.

Keep smiling,

Carole :-D

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Wow 😲 That’s a bad day 😞. Hope you get feeling better soon 👍🙏🐾. Ken

Kenu profile image

I too always have my phone in my pocket, bathroom 🚽,garage,outside,etc. 🐾👍🙏 Ken

ssdw1958 profile image

Well I had the cell phone and my pendant unbelievable my head still hurts

I don’t like falling at all

MS_Indestructible profile image
MS_Indestructible in reply to ssdw1958

so sorry about your fall. lucky you are doing better now.

greaterexp profile image

I'm sure sorry about your awful fall, but I'm glad you got help relatively quickly and suffered no fractures. I'm grateful that you posted this, too, since it's a good reminder to try to prepare for as many possible problems as we can. Get better!

SueAB profile image

Unbelievable! If someone said they would pay you a million dollars to duplicate that experience, I bet you could not begin to do it! Hope you feel better soon and remember - DEGU - Don't Ever Give Up!

kdali profile image

I’m so sorry! Thank goodness you are not on blood thinners when you hit your head. I hope you’re resting and forgetting this mess. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, it is something for everyone to consider!

CraigS profile image

Falling down is not good. I am always forgetting that I have to do things slowly and more methodically. I’ll turn around too fast and there I am, on the floor. I am so glad you are ok. Let’s all take this moment to reevaluate how we do things. Maybe showering alone is not our best move. I’m all for having someone there to lend a hand and maybe wash my back. 😁

Seriously though, gravity always wins, and we need to be much more cautious. Thanks for posting. I’m nursing a lump on my noggin because I wore Sox outside on the Trex deck. Damn that stuff is slippery.

ssdw1958 profile image
ssdw1958 in reply to CraigS

I know we all think we can do what we used to do how soon we forget. Just want you to know I am doing better today. Still have a headache but not as bad as it was.

goatgal profile image

ssdw1958 It never rains, but it pours. The good news: you didn't break any bones, the tub didn't overflow, you were able to retain your modesty and dignity, you shared resources (the lock box) that others might learn from. The bad? A no good, horrible, terrible day! I hope your headache has gone away, if not, do get it checked out again.

Juliew19673 profile image

Wow how scarey for you! Thank goodness you had the alarm and lock box. Thanks for sharing.

Fancy1959 profile image

Ssdw1958, it's Fancy1959. I to wear a call Button all the time. It's not the prettiest fashion accessory but it sure is nice to know that help is always just a moment away. Please be careful as tubs and showers are very dangerous to get into and out of. I am so very glad that everything checked out okay. Unfortunately, you're going to be so sore that you'll feel like you got run over by a Mack truck! I say that out of the experience because I've been there and done that exactly like you did! It wasn't fun! Fancy😫

jackiesj profile image

Oh I hope you are doing better...Being in the medical field...most of us dont see NAKED...we care enough about who care for that it doesnt register except to rest you assured.ty for sharing..made me think of something to prepare...for....feel better...

ssdw1958 profile image

Hi Jackiej I am doing better I just rested to day The headache 🤕 is better it’s not all gone. I slept most of the day.

Thank you for your concern


mrsmike9 profile image

Oh my! You have been through the wringer! It makes me remember when I fell one very icy winter and cracked my tailbone. The EMS came and I'm laying on the gurney in it. The man says, "I need to see your behind." I told him NOT to cut my pants as I'm 6 feet tall and thinner and it's impossible to find pants that fit! We manage to get them open (while I'm laying on my stomach) and I said, "Okay now. I don't let just anybody see my naked butt. You must at least introduce yourself!" It gave them a laugh and I never got charged for the ride to the hospital!

Hope this gave you a laugh as well!

SometimesCrazy profile image

Hi There! Can we laugh at this yet ? I haven't been on the site in a couple of weeks and I'm not feeling very well but I must say this was a great comedy of errors and it made me smile 😊. Glad you are feeling better and thanks for the giggle.

ssdw1958 profile image
ssdw1958 in reply to SometimesCrazy

You know I am not sure 🤔 but I think about it and I just can’t believe it happened it is funny when I asked them all to close there 👀 when I put my pjs on. Some parts are funny 😆 but the parts when I got hurt are not funny. I just can’t believe I didn’t brake any bones.

agate profile image

@ssdw1958, there's absolutely nothing funny about a fall. I'm sure you were embarrassed as well as being disoriented from the fall. I'm so glad no damage seems to have been done to you. I've had a lot of falls over the years--falls seem to be part of the MS picture--and recovering from them sometimes takes a lot of time.

And then some more time. Just hang in there. Better days are ahead.

ssdw1958 profile image
ssdw1958 in reply to agate

Thank you I haven’t fallen like that In such a long time it is very scary to know your going down and you don’t know what is coming at you. But I guess some one was looking out for me. Did you read my #5 My husband and I were trying to figure out why I had fallen and it was because one of the caps on one of the legs on the shower chair came off and that made the chair lope sided so he adjusted the legs and now they all balanced. So glad that he found that out and fixed it.

Well I need to get some sleep 💤 have a good day 👋

pamgarner profile image

wow,talk about an adventure,we can do without those kind!glad you r ok,and remember, everyday is different,thank goodness!

mm1527mm profile image

Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are feeling better

Juliew19673 profile image

Wow! You poor thing, but am so glad your ok!

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