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Just need to vent although I don’t feel like I have a right to...

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Since my DX in 2003, I’ve had minute issues health wise. I could even count them on one hand. But when they strike, they do so with a vengeance. To the point that I don’t know how to handle them.

For instance getting out of the shower last night. I got in no problem, but my plan to grab my towel, dry off my butt, and then sit on the ledge of the tub to finish drying off went out the window when sitting on the ledge ended up with me on the floor. Grrrr

17 Replies
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VENT ON MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope ur ok after that fall

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In my last house, I had to have my tub/ shower combination replaced because it was too risky for me. I had several near falls trying to step over the tub. My current condo has just a walk-in shower that has a very low base. One less fall worry!

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This is the perfect place to vent! I’m sorry about your fall. How scary! I hope you weren’t hurt. Just the frustration is enough to deal with.

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Kompany in reply to greaterexp

Not hurt just frustrated beyond words! I had it all planned out on how to get my dead leg over the ledge, but when it came down to it, it all fell apart.

It happened again yesterday when DH & I got home from running errands (I stayed in the car because I don’t have the assistance device to help me get around (AKA wheelchair)) I had to crawl up the stairs to get to the bedroom & the crawl into the bedroom (my dear loving husband already had stressful day dealing with an issue & I didn’t want to add to it until necessary) it only took 1/2 hour to get my clothes off, 1/4 hour to get ready to get into bed but because of my dead leg I needed his help to get into bed😡 We have a bed that is tall to get into as it is. I think I’m going to have to ask him about removing the risers 😢.

One awesome update !!! I talked with my Dad, who we are visiting in a week, and he had access to an electric wheelchair at a greatly reduced price!!! It’s new & never been used!! My Dad has a spot in consignment store & the woman who runs it made him aware of it when he said he was looking. Thing is everyone knows everyone & when the gentleman found out that my Dad was inquiring, he dropped his lowest price offer by $100 more. My Dad must have helped him out or someone who he knows 😁 My Dad is in his early eighties & still impresses people with his kind deeds🥰 especially his daughter.

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greaterexp in reply to Kompany

Wow! I wish you didn’t have to make changes, but with MS, we do a lot of adapting. That’s such great news about the electric wheelchair! People can be stinkers, but they can be wonderful and thoughtful, too! I’m so glad this is available to you.

You have every right to vent! I got a garden tub because I love to soak in the tub. Added benefit, wide ledges!

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Vent away! Everyone here certainly understands. Those unexpected tumbles and lurches are both annoying and often scary even when they mostly bruise our ego.

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Maybe a transfer chair can help getting into and out the of the tub?

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Kompany in reply to livewell2

I’ve been looking at those at the suggestion of my PT I just need to decide if I need one with a back since I’ve been struggling with trunk weakness or if I just need the seat to get in and out. I want to thank you for the reminder 🤗

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Kompany in reply to livewell2

A dear friend is finding hers & giving it to me along with her regular walker when she had hip surgery 🤗 Thx

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I am sorry for you, my sister if you dod not vent here then where? We ar all family we understand, I expected more four letter words out of you. In case you did not know fuck and shit are good ones. Grr is pretty weak, just saying

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Kompany in reply to RoyceNewton

Thx but those four letter words do nothing for me. As a Jehovah’s Witness never used those words, even when dealing with my ex-husband(and he screwed us out of thousands of dollars even after I didn’t have him thrown in jail) so whining, hoping people yell at me for my stupidity & tell me what went wrong and finding the best solution works for me. I’m my Dad’s daughter that way, problem solver, w/ a bit of complaining thrown in.

Just so you know, even among my JW friends, I’m not normal when people shake hands as they meet, I’m not a handshaker partially for health reasons but I’m partial to hugs. To me that is more genuine and healthy 🤗 The four letter words, don’t make me feel better, so I don’t use them. I’ve even added $n0w that list. 😉 Smileys tend to say my feelings pretty accurately 😁😒😡🥺🥰🤗🥵

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RoyceNewton in reply to Kompany

I think hugs are nice, you are right they say so much more than a handshake

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Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please feel free to vent anytime you need too. This is the place to do it, we all know the frustrations. You might even get a few suggestions on how to handle any problems you are facing. I hope things are going better for you now.

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Kompany in reply to hairbrain4

Actually I’m still struggling but thankfully that may end sooner rather than later 😊 A dear friend thinks she has a regular walker I can use upstairs for now and in the bathroom up to the shower (she used it when she had hip surgery) & a shower stool & while she is helping me out, I’m helping her because she is in the middle of a move😖 so it all is ok except that I am stuck on my floor with my finger bent back because of the humidity & I’m unable to muster the strength to climb into my tall bed. So I’m just relaxing on my knees until I feel the strength resurge into me 😁 C’est là vie! 😉 Thx for your well wishes 🤗

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the smallest things become mountains to climb. Hurrah, keep climbing

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Kompany in reply to eharoot

Thanks for the push. That’s what I need! The push to climb is what forces me out of bed in the morning while I have to endure this struggle.

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