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Great, simple exercises for your feet


These seem so simple yet beneficial that I thought I would share:

It feels really good if you do the exercise with a spiky massage ball.

I personally like exercises that I can do anywhere, anytime including when I sit at my desk working. And it always feels better when I stay connected with my body.

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I remember having to do the one against the wall when I was a kid anaishunter ☺️ I have no arch.🤣😂

Thank you for the info!🤗💕



Hey anaishunter,

Excellent post! I am always looking for ways to incorporate safe exercises for 'ms' into my daily routine.

Stay Strong,

Carole :-D

anaishunter Thank you for posting this. I saw it the other day but don't know how to post. Because my feet have been feeling more and more wooden and stiff, I've been trying the exercises sitting (it is so hard to get up off the floor that I avoid getting down, also sitting in the demonstrated position causes spasms in my lower extremities) That said, even sitting while doing the exercises makes my feel feel so good for a while! The ball rolling along the foot sole stimulates my feet into becoming temporarily more flexible. I tried several balls before finding one that worked for me: some were too hard (and constantly skittered away from under my foot) but I found a softish one called a SurfHopper which seems to have a little weight in the core but a squishy exterior. This works for hand exercises (squeeze/release) that don't aggravate my arthritis as well as for the feet. The only trick now is to stay with the exercises (the hardest part for me on those days when I feel like a lump of damp clay.)

anaishunter in reply to goatgal

Awesome. Glad it helps. I always have the little massage ball under my foot or in my hands when I work from home. I find that exercise helps but more important to me is the on-going engagement of my feet and hands and keep the tingling and electricity at bay. Stay strong!

anaishunter In 2002 I fractured my left wrist, completely fragmenting the end of the radius. Repair required several surgeries, a bone graft, pins and an external fixation bar which was in place for 3 months. I was fortunate to receive 18 months of physical therapy where I learned the importance of stretching and flexing frozen joints and working through pain strong enough once to cause fainting. When the fixator was removed, my fingers were frozen in an open position. I could not move them. Though full range of motion never returned, I am able to type, play the piano and carry items with a hand that was once unable to bear even the weight of a mitten. I learned how to use self talk to manage pain. Now I will work to regain flexibility in my wooden feet.

I started using Epsom Salt with warm water every morning about a year ago. I have a plastic bin that I put both feet into and the water comes up over my ankles. I sit there until the water is cold and it relaxes my muscles, my anxiety and even eases my migraine symptoms temporarily. The Epsom Salt reacts with your body and causes it to naturally release magnesium, which relaxes the muscles in my feet and legs. After a few minutes soak, I can flex my toes and my ankles feel stronger. (I saw this on Dr Oz, but it REALLY DOES WORK) for me, anyway. I am not physically capable of cleaning the bathtub sufficiently to take a full body soak, but I know that it would help so many people who have pain and stiffness in their back or shoulders. I have a severely arthritic thumb and I have stuck it into a pitcher of Epsom water to ease pain when it becomes unbearable. The magnesium release even relaxes my brain so I have much less anxiety after I soak.

I really hope that someone else will also find a measure of relief from using Epsom Salt as I have. You can get the plain store brand really cheaply but it also comes in fancier packages with fragrance added for an extra $5 or so. You can put the plastic dish pan in the tub to fill it and just sit by the tub with your feet in the water. Once the water gets cold just tip over the plastic bin to empty it without lifting the weight of the water. An old cooler with a drain would also work and get even more of your legs into the water.

I was a complete skeptic- but it actually helps! Give it a try and let me know if it works for anyone else 😎

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to TracyBelle

Hey TracyShort,

It works for me as well. I use hot water, and my feet usually end up looking as red as lobsters. It relaxes me as well.

Keep smiling,

Carole :-D

thank you

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