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Grateful is so underrated


First, it felt so good sending my first post recently. I read a couple replies to my - what's the word?! It is funny. Jeez. but somehow lost my place because it's been a real son of a gun trying to find it again. I was so taken by words written, that has left me feeling grateful to your responses. I haven't been asked to leave my assisted living, but I know my days are numbered here. All will make sense the next time I write. Talk to you then,


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I hope things get sorted out quickly.

Are you looking for your post I think if you tap on the top of the page where the bell 🛎 simble is you might find it.

Good luck and I hope everything works out for you.


Hi Wut2do like ssdw1958 said you can tap the bell at the top to see your responses, or to see your own page and post just click on your own bubble with your picture! ☺️

Hang in there! 🤗💕



Wut2do, it's Fancy1959. I totally agree with you that grateful somehow doesn't describe the feelings that overwhelm me when I read just the right post to lift my spirits on a gloomy day. There are so many things and so many people in this chat room that have made a real difference in my life. I found this chat room when I was at my lowest about 2 years ago and I found out that by helping others I help myself! I hope you get your living situation figured out quickly. And I hope it works out the way it is the best for your overall living requirements. Just text if you need any assistance or if we can do anything to help. We're glad you found us! Take care until we speak again and remember together we are stronger. Fancy.

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