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Ocrevus (financial) help


A question for those of you that got assistance for Ocrevus from Genetech....did they cover the cost of the drug itself AND the costs associated with the infusion? My insurance is still denying me and my neuro said we should go to Genetech to see if they’ll pay for the Ocrevus. (My neuro already sent the paperwork in for me.) My concern then went to the costs associated with the infusion center since I’m sure my insurance won’t cover that at this point. So frustrated!!

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Luckymom - I'm so sorry. ugh...it's such a mess. My insurance just approved the Ocrevus last Friday - it took me hounding them for about 4 weeks. My neuro had to send in the paperwork 3 times as the insurance company kept saying they didn't have it. We will have a co-pay, thankfully Genentech is covering most of my cost but we will still have to pay something. I'm not sure how much, probably a few hundred dollars. I haven't been able to get a straight answer how much I'll have to pay out of pocket, I'll let you know tomorrow or Friday. Good luck

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Thank you! I’m going through my 2nd appeal with my insurance so there’s still some hope going that route but I’m trying to get my back up plan sorted out. It’s just ridiculous that ins companies put us through this but that’s a whole other rant lol!

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It sure is I must agree.......😤🤔

Sorry your having to deal with this along with MS, life sucks at times. I had no problems from the start. Med fully paid for inf. center $60.00 Good luck to you

It’s so crazy how the insurance company makes the decision and not the Doctor 🤬. Doctors go thru all the schooling and know what is the best option NOT insurance! Good luck and I hope things work out 🙏🐾. Ken

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Thank you! My neuro is very good about fighting the ins company for me. I just hope they listen this time.

Genetech has a couple of resources to help you.(Ocrevus)their phone # 1-800=888=2882, they can guide you.I had to get financing on my last med, I used The Assistance fund, they were fabulous! TAF.org 1-855-845-3663,didn't need it this time my insurance picked it up.TAF helps many people with funding not just Ms, good source,my experience was good. pam

I have gotten my insurance company to pay for two of my Ocrevus infusions and Genentech covered my infusion cost.

And now I no longer have Private insurance as of July I'm on Medicare and been on SSDI for 2 years I have been approved to receive Ocrevus for Free for as long as I want to take it and my only cost is $70 for infusion.

Which I will be getting my 3rd dose on the 15th of July for my PPMS. Here's a phone number for Ocrevus support services 1-800-627-3887 they can should be able to help answer your questions. :)

Thank you everyone for the resources! I will look into it all. Happy Friday!! 😊

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