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Finally...a plan

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I think I finally have a plan after tossing to and fro for the past little while. I gathered my kids who are here locally and presented it and they were fully supportive and marvelous. It looks like I am going to buy a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a large fenced yard for my doggies, it is 5 minutes from one of my daughters which is great. They are getting me a Life Alert system, as well as one of the two new televisions I will need. I already purchased some new furniture, which thankfully will work fine. And I get the furniture we had in our marriage, except the bed, too big. What a relief to put pen to paper and have a definitive plan! I must admit, I believe I might be feeling a frisson of excitement about it. I believe that is called healing! πŸ˜ΊπŸ˜„ I can never thank all of you for your love and support, and I will still have days as I go through this when I will need it. You are the absolute greatest family anyone could be blessed to have. Thank you. Love, Kelly

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That's great! I knew your family would pull through for you!

Sounds great πŸ‘ Looks like you are moving on and your family is behind you πŸ™. Keep us updated on your progress πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜‰. Ken


That’s wonderful news! Even as we work through pain, God often gives us those reminders that He is still with us and working for us. I’m so glad you have supportive kids who are there for you.

Thank you for letting us know about your progress. We are all concerned for you and love you. You remain in my prayers.

Perfect!! Glad to hear this plan 😘

Kelly, I am so pleased that you have positive plans in place. Keep focused and everything will fall into place. I hope you have air conditioning. We could do with it right now in the U.K. hugs Jimeka πŸ€— πŸ¦‹ 🍫 πŸ’

Oh, Kelly! That sounds like you have really taken time to think this out! I was a little skeptical when you were considering a motor home. This sounds perfect and also exciting!

What a wonderful plan! I am

Excited for you!

So happy for you Amore55 And your kids being supportive is the best news ever! Keep us of the new place ;)



Kelly I'm so happy that you sound so excited and very positive about your future. I think it's a great thing that you decided to stay close to your children because you would have miss them dearly if you moved away from them. I have to admit I'm sad that you're staying in Salt Lake City and not moving to Kentucky but I think you made the best choice for you and it will pay off in big dividends in the long run! Sending you lots of love and hugs and reminding you that I'm only a post away if you need someone to speak to! Fancy1959!πŸ€—πŸ’•

Glad that you are seeing the way forward.❀️

Im so excited for you, what a plan!Happines 101, you got this and we are blessed to have you..!


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