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Who Are M.S. Warriors?


I just love this woman's encouraging posts. @ positivelivingwithms.com i think... But they're great

July 3, 2018

What does a Multiple Sclerosis warrior look like

Multiple Sclerosis warriors come in all shapes and sizes. You normally can’t pick them out from the people standing in line at the grocery store or from those seated in a restaurant…but they are there.

MS warriors are those amazing people who charge into battle when they have every right to hide under the covers. They don’t fit into any particular mold, wear a noticeable badge of honor or win any bravery awards. But brave...oh, they are!!!


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thank you, nice post

We are warriors indeed.


Warriors 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😉🐾Ken

I figure only the toughest get ms, we all are warriors!

Yep, & Amein to U All!! Yes we are!! Blessings💛❤💜😻🙏🐾😍---jazzyinco


You are so right! Every size & shape, MS warriors seem to find their way here and share themselves with others. I wonder if we should compliment the gentlemen here by calling them MS Warlocks😊😊

Well, I'd more like to call us True Soldiers against this terrible M.onS.ter!! 😍Not satanic warlocks!!😱 i am an X- Satanic Witch so i really know the ins & outs of that tin-god fake empire! Call me a defector, tht's okay!! 😉 I do know the Authority we now have in YAHSHUA Messiah!💜🙏😍😻🐈🐅🐾 Many Prayers & Loves to ya!💙💜❤🙏😍---Jazzyinco

in reply to Jazzyinco

You are right! I guess I was just looking for a complimentary male description of Warriors. Male or female we are all MS warriors! 😊👍

Yeppers! We War on dear sister!😍❤💜💙💛🙏Blessings---Jazzyinco

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