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I have a doctors appointment on Thursday with my PC my dilemma is that the only person to help me out. I should first say It’s not the person she is a very good person.

My situation is her vehicle it is a SUV which is high for me to get into. Getting out shouldn’t be a problems as long as she is in front of me I can slide out.

The problem is getting in you see I can’t life up my leg my left foot I have foot drop and the leg basically is like dead weight. And my right foot is no better, I can stand on it. She said she has a stoll. she is bringing some one to help me.

I could just be getting nervous over nothing. But if any one has any ideas I am open to them.

Thank you


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how about a step stool. not a step ladder, but they make plastic one step step stools with varying heights. check with a hardware store, might help

My problem is that I no control with my legs I can stand there and want my legs to move but they don’t listen to me thank you. See I think stairs should be outlawed I have a ramp so that I can get into my home.

But thank you

And I did ask them to bring a step stole.

jackiesj in reply to ssdw1958

If a ramp works can someone like the scouts church friend make you one just to get out of cars?a fold up would be great to tuck in back seat?

ssdw1958 in reply to jackiesj

That’s a good idea but I don’t know if that work because my legs don’t like to move.

Hi, I have the same problem getting in and out of our SUV. I put my butt in first, kind of twist my self slightly to the left and then lift my left leg by putting both my hands under my thigh and lifting my leg. Other times I use my cane by turning it upside down, hooking the handle under my foot and lifting. Hope these might help. Good luck and let us know how you do.


ssdw1958 in reply to mrsmike

Last time I got in a suv it was with my sister she had to lift up my left foot and put that in the suv then I had to pull my self up as she helped me with my right leg. It’s no going to look pretty lol

But I do want to thank you for your help.

dogdaddy in reply to ssdw1958

That description pretty much describes me getting in/out of our van. I could never accomplish this without my husbands help to lift my legs into the van after I put my butt on the seat and either hang onto the steering wheel or my seat arm to pull myself in and adjust. Not pretty for sure...I get anxious thinking about ever having to go anywhere as we don't have a wheelchair accessible van so I actually have to stand up out of my wheelchair and hope for the best...winter really scares me because of the slipping and sliding....but heat is also a downside...you just can't win with MS

PunkChic in reply to mrsmike

mrsmike has got it right. A year ago I had a total hip joint replacement and the physical therapist had me turn my cane upside down and hook the handle under my foot the same way to get into my bed. Another thing that she also told me to do was use a sturdy belt in the same way by holding both ends and having your foot in the middle point as in a ‘V’ then guiding your leg into the vehicle. It might work better with the belt because of the small space you’re dealing with in a vehicle. I’m not sure if this is applicable but avoid wearing a dress or skirt 😉 (please disregard if not applicable).


Hey Sandra,

I have much of the same issues as you, but I have no problem getting in and out of my Impala - yet. It is old and will need to be replaced. I too, have left foot drop, similar to you, however, my right leg is fine. As long as I have something to hang on to, I am fine. Sometimes, a walker does the trick, but getting it out of the car, by myself, is challenging. I have a Canada crutch (I kid you not), and find that more helpful than a cane.

So, a follow up question: Can anyone suggest an SUV that would be MS friendly?

Keep smilin,


ssdw1958 in reply to carolek572

You see we have a Honda Accord so getting in and out is easier with help but an suv I’m short so are my legs I know that goes with the deal lol 😝 thanks

What is a Canada crutch?

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to ssdw1958

Hey Sandra,

Think of a crutch that one of Jerry Lewis's kids had.


I apologize but I have a Lofstrand crutch which is also explained in above mentioned link.

I have short legs as well, but it's all that I have also! To have long legs, ah :-D


ssdw1958 in reply to carolek572

Oh to wish I was only 2inches taller if reincarnation is a thing I would want to come back without all my problems and

To be 2 inches taller that’s not asking for to much lol

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to ssdw1958

I am with you except that I would request to be 5'9" tall ~ about 7 1/2 inches taller than I am now! And no multiple sclerosis ~ for everyone! :-D

ssdw1958 in reply to ssdw1958

See you were going all the way I was being small with my request sorry about the pun I couldn’t resist lol

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to ssdw1958


PunkChic in reply to carolek572

How about a Subaru Forester or even the Subaru Outback wagon?

carolek572CommunityAmbassador in reply to PunkChic

Hey PunkChic,

Good suggestion ~ will look into them.



Thank you for posting this I have exactly the same problem. Now I don't feel so inadequate. I have to lift my left leg with my hands and stay balanced. I know I must look ridiculous and I've been told I squeak like a mouse when getting in and out of a vehicle. Who knows I might graduate to a roar but for the moment I'll just continue to squeak.

Take Care of You :)


I saw a few interesting transfers into an SUV on YouTube. You might take a look.

ssdw1958 in reply to greaterexp

I never thought about that good thinking

greaterexp in reply to ssdw1958

If even I can fix a faucet and a toilet by using YouTube, it’s now one of my first searches. I hope you find something that helps!

I have the same problem. Thanks for all the suggestions.

We have a to wheel drive Chevy Tahoe. Large enough to put the walker in, etc. My husband had it lowered to help me get in and out. It is great, but there are still days when even that is difficult. A bit of an expensive assist, but it looks good too!

Also, the floor mats must be flat. Ones that are raised to catch all the water/snow and dirt get in the way ofr me trying to manuever my feet and legs into the car.

Like ssdw1958, I dread getting into anyone's vehicle I am not familiar with. Vehicles where you have to lift and lower your leg/feet into what I call a "bucket" are also difficult, especially lifting leg to get out. Ugh! I like the idea of using an upside down cane or belt.

I have the same issue. I bought this step thru Amazon. amazon.com/gp/product/B06WD...

I have a helper with me who helps me step onto the step with my butt facing the car. Then I slide my butt onto the seat. Then because I can't lift my leg in I use a dog leash to lift first the left leg and then the right leg into the vehicle. My sister and I can do this all in under 2 minutes. I find it the easiest for us and the least embarrassing. Hope this helps.


I can’t stand without help. Getting into a vehicle is a circus. I grab the roof and door of the car and my wife assists me to stand. Then the turn to face away from the car so I can put my butt in the seat. My wife then helps me lift my legs in. MS has paralyzed me from the waist down. Nothing works as far as getting into and out at the car. I ride a power wheelchair everywhere even in the house. It is absolutely frustrating.

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