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I was diagnosed with MS in 1993 but am new to this website.

I have been on many of the preventative drugs, CRAB, Tysabrie, and most recently Aubagio.

I'm having symptoms of an infection to the Aubiago. My Nueroligist has had me stop taking it and will start a process Monday to remove the remaining Aubagio from my system.

Anyone else have a bad reaction to Aubiago?

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Hi flyingpeg I'm so sry that your having so much trouble!

I havnt been on aubagio, so I can't tell you anything. I'm sure someone here will tho! 😊

How does that work anyway?


Welcome and I hope you feel better. How is the process of removing a drug you have been taken? I’ve heard this before and just curious.


Well, Hello and welcome to the best site there is. This is where You can share your comments, questions and be with a group that shares MS or loves someone with MS. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, or just read along. Sorry for all that you are going through, make sure it is reported to your neuro. From what I have learned, it sometimes takes a while to find the right treatment for you. Keep coming back and keep us posted.

Check our MSAA site as there is a wealth of information on here for you!


Hello and welcome Flyingpeg, from Fancy1959. We love to speak to newbies and new oldies equally so welcome to this awesome chat room. You have found a safe place to come and ask questions, voice concerns, and simply speak to others who truly understand what you are going through. This chat room is full of some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. We will learn much from each other by sharing our common experiences. We are rich with information we do not know we even possess. I look forward to getting to know you better, so interact often and post frequently and we will get to know you better that way and you will get to know us as well.

As far as your question about Aubagio, I am afraid I have no information to share with you since I have never been on that therapy. I am currently on Ocrevus and have been on it since last year. Earlier this month I had my first clean MRI in The Last 5 Years. I showed no sign of enhancement and either old lesion activity or any new lesions springing up on my MRI. Yahoo!

I look forward to speaking to you soon and please take care and I hope getting the Aubugio out of your system helps to end the negative reaction you've had to it. I would like you to remember that together we are stronger in this battle against the monster we call MS! Fancy.

Welcome to this wonderful site. I on Rituxan and have not been on Aubagio. Give it time I'm sure someone [I hope] can answer your question. It is not unheard of to have negative reactions to a DMT you start taking or have been on for a while. I used to take Avonex and that worked for me for almost 2 years before I had to stop due to bad reactions. I was on a couple of others prior to that. I'm sure your doctor will get you on the right DMT. Sometimes it might take a while. Be patient with your doctor. Come visit here if and when you have more questions. You have found a great site. ~terry

flyingpeg I'm sorry that Aubagio isn't working for you. I'm sure your Neuro will find something that will work for you. Welcome to our wonderful group. It's a great group of caring people where you come and share what's going on, ask questions, and vent. Look forward to getting to know you.



I wish I could answer your question, but I do welcome you to a great group.

You may try searching for posts about your DMT or other specific topics by using the “Search My MSAA” box at the top right of the page.

I have been on Aubagio for fifteen months and doing great 👍 No side effects and last two MRI’s were stable and no relapses 🙏. Sorry 😐 it is not working for you 🤷🏼‍♂️. Stay positive, there’s a lot more DMT’s and everyone is different 🙃. Good luck 👍🙏🐾 Ken

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