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I can’t stand this cold weather any more.

I was trying to do some paperwork the next thing you know I looked out the window guess what it’s SNOWING

Now I know why my legs are not working well. The weather. I fell last night I haven’t fallen for over a year. I got stuck between my rollator. Good thing my husband was home. Of course it was in the bathroom I was Just walking in there and that’s all she wrote my legs couldn’t keep me standing. I really can’t deal with this, falling that is.

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ssdw1958 I'm so sorry. I sure hope the only thing bruised is the ego. Spring is supposed to be on the way..I promise. Think warm thoughts and cuddle with warm fuzzy blankies. I just now put a warm fuzzy over my legs because even the cool sheets set off the "Nasty Tingles!" And I live in a warmer climate. Stay warm! Thinking warm thoughts for you!

ssdw1958 in reply to CalfeeChick

I am trying to it’s not working.

I had a phone call from my friend in Sarnia, Canada, and she said their weather is really weird at the moment, getting lots of snow. Hopefully spring is here this week for us all. Keep warm. 🦋 🤗

ssdw1958 in reply to jimeka

That's not good for them I hope were not going to get there weather

ssdw1958 I’m in Western KY and last week it snowed on Sunday and was 80 by Thursday. 😤😤 Weird stuff this year. And I think most of the country would like to find that groundhog and clock him in the head. Lol.

Glad you weren’t alone when you fell. Take care of yourself

Yes I am glad I wasn't alone I would have found out if that I've fallen and can't get up button worked I was stuck in.between my rollatot it wasn't a pretty picture.

I am so very sorry for your fall. Hope you aren't too badly bruised up. Hang in there - cuddle under a warm blanket, drink something warm, and dream warm thoughts.

Wow! This is so hard for my feeble brain to fathom, when here in Deep South Texas, spring sprang weeks ago and I'm already dealing with the problems the heat causes me. Be careful in that snow!


Ssdw1958, it's Fancy1959. We had a small ice storm today so I understand about being tired of this cold weather! Doesn't Mother Nature realize we're in the middle of April?

Please be careful about falling. You're talkin to the following queen and I can tell you long-term I'm starting to see consequences pile up from having so many Falls.

Have you ever taken physical therapy? If you're in it that's terrific and if he's not taking it before talk to your doctor either you're in a Rolla just her family doctor and get them to write a script so you can get in and start working on your legs strength. They do amazing things and really provide the support you need to work at home to continue the positive results that they start. I go to physical therapy right now twice a week and it is help my shoulder tremendously but as far as my balance I have seen in improvements there too. Don't go until you feel exhausted and your legs give out. Listen to your body and sit down for 10 minutes and then you get up and try to give it a go again. Only you can work with your body because it talks to you better than anyone else. Take care until we speak again and be careful not to fall. Remember together we are stronger!

I'm so over this cold weather already! Yesterday we had freezing rain and it was so cold, then after the rain, it was just very cold and windy. Today it is just VERY cold outside. My dog wants to go outside and wander the yard and bark for no reason...have to make her come inside lol Silly dog...too cold for that silly stuff. Think it's time for some hot tea to warm up.

ssdw1958 Glad you weren't home alone when you fell. Like Fancy1959 said, maybe physical therapy would help you get some strength and keep you right up instead of falling. Worth a talk with your doctor about.


I am glad I'm not a runner on the Marathon those people are writing in downpours and it’s like 30°F the commentators are saying they have to be careful of hypothermia and frostbite

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