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Neurologist visit


Saw my neurologist today to discuss my labs and mri. It was a good visit. Talked about different treatments, and things to help with my fatigue that can be horrible some days. He is prescribing me a low dose of a stimulant to start with to help with the fatigue. Going to try to prescribe me with one of the oral meds for my ms but it’s all up to my insurance company. I did tell him I’d rather do the orals but will do injections first if needed.

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I’m hoping they will approve the oral meds but if not I’ll do what needs to be done to slow progression. I’m just glad to that the process is started.

Good luck. Hope things get as better as they can.

Hi starlight5! I had terrible lipoatrophy from Copaxone. I had to stop using my arms as injection sites because of the lipoatrophy there. The good news is that after being off of it for over 5 years now, you can't see the 'dents' much at all.

That's what I did too over time...just used my thighs and abdomen where the dents didn't matter.

Laur3ncb1 in reply to Raingrrl

Me too! no more arms .. just butt and sides of stomach... small price to pay for a seemingly side effect free med...


I’m so glad you had a good appointment. It sounds like you have confidence in your doctor. That’s so important.

I pray all goes well with your treatment program.

Smartcloud1981 Glad you had a good appointment. Hope your med choice gets approved and you don't have to do injections first. Please keep us updated.


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