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Well I went to my Doctor yesterday it was a good day. I was told since I had been on the Tesfidara since 2013 and now am 58 years old. He the doctor doesn't keep his patients on that medicine over 60 years old. Let me tell you that made me feel old. So we were talking about Tusabrl which is once a month or Ocrelizuman which is once a year. I had concerns about the Ocrelizuman because of the risk of cancer but how the doctor explained it to me people do get breast cancer and they may have been in the group that would get breast cancer. Well I signed the papers if I want to start those medicines but I will have to decide I have to study up on them because I have another appointment in 2 months. So I had to have blood drawn when I saw the stickers I said I need all those and the phlebotomist said no he lied he took about 10 veils of blood we'll the appointment went well. I feel good about it.

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  • ssdw1958 you are only as old as you want to be. Me, I am a Toy'R'Us kid! HA! Glad the appointment went well! It sucks to have to decide what meds to choose!

    Take care,


  • I know about the age thing but I was told about the age thing by a 9 year old. He said do worry about it, it is only a number. Easy for him to say LOL.

  • It is truly the first thing I've ever got to pick the medicine I want. Had choice of shots daily or shot every 14 days. Made the decision much simpler. Lol

  • Hey buddy😃 love your attitude about everything😊 it's sometimes hard to approach new and unknowns with a optimism. Wanted to give you a little personal experience, I'm on tysabri, I don't know about the other one you spoke of. Since I've been on tysabri my doctor said I have no new lesions. I still have course suffer from all of the symptoms of having MS but I haven't had a relapse in almost a year. For me that is a big deal I was having relapses every two months. I've had no side effects from the medication that I can speak of. You just go and spend about 3 hours in the chair, comfortable I hope mine's is, receiving it when you go home. Depending on your situation they even come out to your home. So whatever you choose I really hope it works for you.

    PS tecfidera never work for me, I had a relapse within a month of taking it. But that's just me.

  • Thank you for that info it is good o know I really hate side effects and also with the Tesfidara I said to the doctor when I order the Tecfidera they ask me do you think it is helping you, I don't know the only way to find out is to get off of it. But I do have to say I could snap my fingers after I started it and the numbness wasn't as pronounced as be for I started it.

    But I want to thank you 😊 for your import on how Tysabi works for you. This is major stuff we are dealing with. See for those people who think that MS is easy to deal with they have NO clue.

  • I don't know about the age thing with Tecfidera. I just started in May and will be 58 in October.

  • Well my doctor was talking about a level and don't ask me the name of it I need to write these things down. But my level is in the 700's and he doesn't want it to go above 1000. That cut off is what he has.

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