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Diagnosis (maybe)

Good morning at least where I am LOL. I have had a pile of scans and blood work so now hopefully they can come up with something. This is what I know so far,

I have brain lesions

There is some atrophy

In the report the radiologist mentioned Dementia

When I went to my family doc for some renewals for scripts I thought I would ask about the results of my tests, she said that dementia was mentioned a couple of times. This really threw my husband and I for a loop !! We are going to the specialist today to see what he has to say. When I talk to the receptionist last week she said the he is giving me the option of doing the lumbar puncture or not, Today I am going to be asking what his opinion is because this is really starting to weigh hard on my husband and myself. I am sorry I have not been as supportive as I should have been to my communities but I kind of buried my head in the sand until the tests were done. I am scared right. Hope this post makes sense to you all.

Have a great day everyone.


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They told me that as well. Dementia and Alzheimers were up there on the list.

I did lumbar puncture first then the MRI. together both tests confirmed MS which was a relief. My neuro also told me MS comes with its own form of dementia.

It may not be the best situation. But all you can do is keep moving forward and live life to the fullest while we got it.


Grizzly7168 MS does come with it's own form of dementia with all the forgetting and such. I know I forget so much all the time. I have to write so much down....more than I ever had to. My memory was so good before MS. I think I would go ahead with the other tests to find out what they say, but you have to do what you are most comfortable with.

Please keep us updated.



Grizzly7168 , yes it made sense. I think most of us understand the fear.

I hope you get a diagnosis and can find your way, with the help of the doctors and whom ever else, to a happy future. MS isn’t always devastating.

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Grizzly7168 Hope you get some answers soon! Mayo clinic did a lumbar puncture on me to confirm that it was MS.

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The lumbar puncture was the final test I had years ago to confirm I had MS. No one mentioned dementia. 🙃

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Grizzly7168 hope you get good news at the specialist

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Thank you everyone for your knowledge and encouragement . I saw the doc yesterday and he said I absolutely do not have Dementia but MS is still on the table. Because of the severe Ostio Arthritis I have in my lower back they are hesitant to do the lumbar puncture . He is going to keep a close eye on my symptoms as well if I notice ANY changes I am to get in to see him right away. We are going to repeat the tests in a year if not sooner. My poor daughter has been so worried about me that when I told her what he said she cried but also said we all knew there was something going on. LOL LOL :-) Funny I actually feel relieved because I am not totally crazy . Thankyou again I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas


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