Have been sick for the last few days

Not sure if I got a touch of the flu or some other crud that has been doing around but Wednesday I started throwing up it was still going on Thursday. Luckily I was able to get some anti-nausea meds and that stopped the throwing up. Yesterday I was finally to eat small meals and keep it down. My stomach has still been upset but it has been getting better each day. I got a flu shot last month so hopefully if this is/was the flu that it wasn't as bad as it could have been without the flu shot. Haven't been sick like this in quite awhile.


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  • I hope you feel better there is nothing worse than being sick like that. I am guess what you would call a home body. My husband said to me he thought he was getting sick not good. The only time I get sick is when it is brought into this house. I don’t need it or want it. Like everyone else I want to put a sign that says if you don’t feel good Do NOT

    ENTER. Would that sound cruel?

    Well I hope you get better soon, I know this is easier said than done tell all those sick peoples stay away NOT LOL

  • That sounds like a miserable few days to me, bxrmom. I hope it's passed and you feel like you are on the mend. Rest and let your body heal. 💕

  • Thanks Tutu I hope this upset stomach goes away soon, hate feeling 'icky'. Sometimes eating something helps but not all the times. When I lay down, then I always have to pee and lately I have been having a hard time doing that :(

  • I hate to vomit, bxrmom, and will lay really still to keep from doing so. Being sick is just yucky. I do hope you aren't developing a UTI too. Keep an eye on that. I hope it's all flu related and will hurry up and leave so you can say you've had it, and are done with the flu this flu season! 💕

  • Thanks Tutu Well if it is a uti, I am already on antibiotics for sinus infection so that should help if that is what is going on ;)

  • All that sounds miserable. Hope you're feeling much better soon!

  • Hope you feel better.

  • I’m so sorry you’ve felt so awful.

    Flu shots only protect against certain flu strains, and it sound like you got a nasty gastroenteritis, rather than flu. We’ve always called it “stomach flu,” so it’s confusing. No matter what we call it, I sure hope you feel much better quickly!

    Take good care of yourself!

  • GreatHeartThanks. What ever it is, I will be happy when it's finally gone. Slowly but surely it's getting better.

  • bxrmom please be careful taking your medicine on an empty stomach. I know it's really hard when you are being sick. I hope you get well soon, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈 🤗

  • Thank you. When I couldn't keep anything down, I only took my Baclofin because of the spasms. Now that I can keep food down I am taking all my meds.

  • bxrmom , sorry to hear you have been sick. We certainly don't need anything else on top of our MS! Sending good thoughts your way!

  • Thanks SueAB

  • bxrmom hope you feel 100% soon.

    I don't think you had " the flu " which is typically more aches pains fever coughing. Perhaps it's another virus. Regardless, wishing you a speedy recovery 🤕

  • erash Not sure what it was, just glad that I'm starting to feel better. My neck has really been hurting for the last few days. My stomach is doing better today than it was yesterday because yesterday was not back to normal. Will just be glad when all of this is out of my system!

  • Hope you feel better soon bxrmom !!

    I think between Halloween and then having to walk my dog in the rain(the dam baby) I'm getting laryngitis. 😐😒

    J 🌠

  • What’s good for laryngitis is gagul with warm water and salt make sure you don’t drink it and tea with honey helps a lot good luck oh one more thing get a lot of rest.

  • I'm flat to know you're on the mend, bxrmom

  • I'm glad to hear you're on the mend, bxrmom .

  • I'm hoping your feeling better today!! My doctor said the flu shot was bad for me. That it could make me sick. Be careful!!

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