Back on th grid as they say πŸ”Œ

Power restored just in time...the nights were getting HOT and my kitties were panting. Lots of clean up inside/outside but no major damage. My biggest stress was loss of communication with my folks in Naples. Sent the sheriff out to check on them. But they are ok! Catching up on my online teaching class.

Much flooding in JAX, do u know about your house Iona60 ?

So glad to be back with everyoneπŸ’•πŸŒˆ

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  • Glad you and yours are safe erash !

  • erash Good Morning! Glad your power is back on and you are getting back to normal. Our neighborhood streets and several houses flooded, but not our house. I had the yard guy do a good look around and he couldn't see any damage or flooding. The power finally came back on late Thursday. It was pretty harrowing watching it from a distance on TV and seeing the areas we know so well be several feet under water. Some of the really bad areas have flooded in the past, but not that bad.

    Great to have you back.

  • It was such a relief to hear earlier from Jesmcd2 about how you were, but it's great to see you back again! We missed you.

    The a/c must be a relief-that had to be really hard. Thankful your parents are okay--and you, your hubby, your kitties and your house are too. πŸ’•

  • So happy that you and family are okay. Going through Irma had to be scary! Glad to have you backπŸ˜ƒ

  • erash Glad you okay and that you power is back on in time to run a/c on so you can keep cool again!!


  • Glad you are doing well my friend had to go to the hospital with her mom she had fallen hit her head she also has high blood pressure but they are back a home now. I guess they will need a new roof.

    So glad you are doing well.

    We live in Massachusetts I fear jose will be making a visit in the middle of the week I would be alright if he just go play in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

  • I hope Jose goes out to sea too ssdw1958

  • Me too I am suppose to start Ocrevus on Wednesday??

  • Hope that goes well ssdw1958

    Let us know...

  • I want to get this medicine going you see besides the Hurricane my husband works for a tree company that is called out on storm call.

    Well I hope Jose doesn't came to our Area

    You say I should go with someone else well I really don't want to. He is my strength and I really want him with me. Cross your fingers the storm takes a right turn.

  • Glad your safe and sound erash I was going txt you yesterday. But I forgot.πŸ˜• I have MS, remember? 😁 So was going to today, but your back!😊

    J 🌠

  • Jesmcd2

    Forgot what?


  • Hahaha.... the story of my life

  • Welcome back erash. So glad everything's back on. We were only without power for 28 hrs and was elated when it saw lights come on and a.c. kick on. Lol. Glad your damage was to bad. It was quite an experience here in North Ga. Never seen so many trees down even after tornadoes and ice storms. Can't imagine what it was like in your world. You were missed big time. God bless.


  • @erash, I'm so grateful to learn that you're all right! What a fearful storm!

  • so happy you are back and ok erase! Take it easy in the heat. πŸ˜€β€οΈ

  • @erash

    So glad you're okay. That was quite an ordeal! Not getting relief from the FL heat ...UGH.

  • So glad you now have you air conditioning hopefully you didn't get a lot of damage from the storm.

  • So happy you are back and safe and that your folks are okay. Don't overwork yourself with the cleanup, erash

  • Good news that you are doing ok. Can't imagine dealing with all that. Takes strength, mind and body.

  • HOORAY!! πŸŽ‰ I'm glad everyone is alive and well!

  • Glad your power is back on. Heat and MS don't mix well!

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