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Adjustments - daily for MS

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I am finding I must continually adjust mysails with this mysterious disease, but that doesn't mean I will stop sailing, or stop trusting in He who controls the wind! Just asking for advice, and want to keep walking until "This World is not My Home" any more. There I will sleep, no I want to make a beautiful garden filled with the most beuatiful floewers and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Any sleep advice, anyone? (oh, I listen at night to the sleep hynosis on youtube, also. I enjoy the ones with scriptures, and the others are sometimes helpful.f

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Wish I could help with that one. Then I could take my own advice. I already take restoril Doxepin and Neuro just changed Gabapentin 900 mg to bedtime. Bow that I have electricity and lights and other necessities ill see if it works. But bit getting my hopes up. Good luck with your sleep. God bless.


I'm right there with you agapepilgrim, and I'd love to help you in your garden!!! So much to look forward to! I wish I had something really useful to tell you as far as sleep. I have to watch TCM-usually movies I've recorded & I'll watch til I'm loopy tired- and I Have To sleep with a fan on 365 days a year to cover up other noises & sounds. I've tried music, but I find I'm lying there listening to it vs going to sleep by it!

It is a continual adjustment of sails for sure, isn't it?!! That was very helpful to me!

This is beautiful!Yes we shall still sail......!

Mz Pilgrim do you have a sound machine...The brook sound makes me want to wiz and the chirping makes me want to look for birds, music with scripture very nice.Tonight I was in the neighborhood and a gentle man stopped and said hi, out of his mouth was a beautiful testimony of CHrist and told me he had 8 uncles that were was really neat.Right place and right time...God is good.

jackiesj yes I tried the sound machines. My mind won't stop. I recently discovered "sleep hypnosis" with ear phone at 1 am and the Christian ones that quote positive encouraging scriptures with nature sounds in background keep me focused on the soothing words, and settles and slows down my thinking overdrive that keeps me awake. I think it's time to go listen! I made a favorite for sleep list from YouTube and they just keep playing. Sometimes I wake up and ear buds still in my ear. Wonderful way to go to sleep!

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