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My Dr. Appt. Yesterday

Hello everyone. Had my first dr. appointment yesterday, but she was limited on what she could do in one appointment. She said we would tackle all my issues in chunks but that she could probably help me find out what is going on. I got Rx for lisinopril for high blood pressure, cymbalta for depression, anxiety and muscle pain, and had 4 vials of blood drawn. She is also referring me to a Neuro for the numbness and tingling, as well as a Gastrointernologist for my stomach issues. I have a follow-up appointment with her again on June 30, to see how the meds are working and then she will reveal my lab results. In the meantime, I am waiting for a call about the neuro and gastro appointments. I am somewhat relieved, just getting the referrals and lab work done. I am hoping the neuro will order both a cranial and a spinal MRI at the least. That should tell alot, or at least give some indication about what is going on! Thank you all for your support and kind words of advice on this, and my apologies for not getting back for an update sooner. I was totally exhausted after I got back yesterday, and pretty much slept most of the day today, it drained me! :-)

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Wow, Bamfan1442, I'd say you had a very productive first appointment! Thanks for the update. Praying you hear soon from the specialists and that the meds prescribed help you in the meantime. I hope you feel good about all you've accomplished in such a short amount of time! 💕


Bamfan1442, it's so kind of you to fight through the fatigue to give us an update. It's wonderful that you are on your way to understanding better what is going on and that you're getting treatment.

I imagine everyone here can relate to the long process of getting answers. I'll be praying for you to not only feel better, but to have the much needed patience we all need through the testing time.

Thanks for letting us know how you're doing.


Sounds like all steps in right direction. It is such a slow process. Prayers you keep moving forward.


Thank you, Karen-x, greaterexp and Tutu! My blood pressure was waay too high-168/110!! Doc was surprised I hadn't had a stroke! But after all the stress I've been under lately and not seeing a doc for two years, I wasn't exactly shocked. I shook and trembled through the whole visit, so she could see for herself that I'm having a lot of issues! Wasn't sure if it was from the muscle spasms and weakness or just being nervous. I, too, am hoping the meds will work and at the very least get my BP down and lessen the anxiety and pain. I just need to take it one day at a time, and try not to worry so much, but it's almost impossible with all I've got going on right now! I'm also trying to find a better place to live, can't take it here any more. Too much chaos, no support or understanding, and noisy all the time. I need peace and quiet, or at least be able to retreat to my own space when I'm too overwhelmed, and I can't do that where I am now. :-(


Yay! Sounds like you found a great PCP!

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Sounds like a wonderful first appointment!! I am on Cymbalta for my depression. I was on Pristique before it but felt it needed to upped but I was a max dose so my PCP switched me to Cymbalta. Took about a month or so to really start working for me after tapering off the Pristique and starting the Cymbalt but I feel much better depression wise now that it has kicked in ;)

Best of luck at your other appointments, please keep us updated!!


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