Only this group would understand my excitement!!!

Only this group would understand my excitement!!!

Last Thursday June 1, my PT tested my gait and it was 38 sec. then he retested me Monday June 12, and my gait was 30sec. Prior to that I was always between 48 sec and 40 sec. I was excited to say the least ( you could compare me to a puppy who was happy jumping up and down, waging its tail, and peeing all over the place) but everyone I told wasn’t impressed and told me I still walked slow so what was the big deal.

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  • Brilliant news, be excited, enjoy the moment, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

  • Well, we're excited for you! We get it! Hurrah for you!!

  • Great news!! You should feel proud of yourself. Only you understand what you go thru each day. Keep up the good work.

  • Awesome. Congratulations

  • What an accomplishment, rjoneslaw! So very happy for you. 🎈🎉💕

  • Great news!! 🎉

  • @kdali , @Tutu , @Doubled51 , @mrsmike , @greaterexp , @jimeka

    Thank you all!!! As well as those who liked the post!!!

  • great news! we take our wins when we get them. I understand the small improvemnta we can make in physical therapy.

  • mdok, are you new here? We hope you share more about yourself when you feel comfortable doing so. We're a safe place to share and vent. We also poke fun at ourselves and have some great laughs. Someone is always available to listen and encourage, too. Welcome! 💕

  • So what did you do to improve the time?!

  • @SometimesCrazy

    Here is my routine. It may seem like a lot but I do this through out the day you don't have to do everything at once unless you want to.

    Most importantly don't forget to stretch every morning. (basically everything is a count of 30 if stated otherwise)

    For stretching

    I lay on my back and bring each leg to my chest and do a count of 30 (you will feel your leg start to relax);

    I do clams for a count of 30. ( I lay on my side with my legs bent and open n close my legs);

    I lay on my back and side and lift my leg up 30 times. try to keep the leg straight;

    I lay on my back and lift my leg straight for a count of 30 (3 sets) I use a strap;

    I lay on my back and bend my leg up 30 times ( when I 1st started I needed a strap, then I was able to use the other leg til I could bend it on my own). After awhile you should be able to bend you leg backward standing up I can't do that yet.

    Laying on my back I would pull my leg to my butt and hold it for a count of 30

    I take a strap (1 end in each hand) and put it around my foot and pull it forward for 30 ( you will feel you leg start to relax)


    I do a combination of things. I walk as much as my legs let me I pace myself. If I try to walk fast my leg stiffens up so I just walk.

    I have gone to the store with my family and I would walk from the front to the back and back to the front because of the distance (Aldi, Carsons) then I would sit for a few minutes and do it again. I normally do it while they are shopping.

    I would walk from the handicap parking space to the front door to the motor cart. I try to do the store at least twice a month.

    After PT I just walk around my backyard now that its nice.

    Also I get on the elliptical and I go forward for 2 min and backward for 2 min.

    It's really about trying to strengthening the leg muscle.

    Before I had gotten sick I did crossfit and worked out with a personal trainer so I do some of those exercises as well like:

    I would lean against the wall with my legs bent shoulder length apart in front of me and count to 30 and then stand up for a few seconds and do it again (3 reps total once a day) after awhile I started to hold weights.

    I march in place each leg up for a count of 30.

    If sitting for a long time and I can't move around I march my legs for a count of 30 and I bend my legs backward and forward.

    Toe raises 30 count for both feet then each foot for a count of 30.

    I do step ups and step downs;

    step ups-start by having the bad leg on the step or what your standing on and go up and down for 15 reps if adventurous 30 reps.

    step downs- have the bad leg on the step or what your standing on act like you're walking down the stairs but pull yourself up and down with the bad leg for 15 reps if adventurous 30 reps

    Once you get stronger you can start moving your leg as if you were walking up and down the stairs.

    Hope this helps

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