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Happy Memorial Day weekend (and "raceday" to those of you who are fans)! Anyone watch the awesome Indy 500 race? Lots of wrecks, just glad no one was seriously injured! The only way I could get my BF to watch it with me was to tell him that one of the guys from "The Walking Dead" zombie tv show was driving the pace car! :-/ lol Now, waiting for the Nascar race to start next (Coke 600) on Fox. Please take a moment to pause and thank our brave men and women, both active military and in rememberance of those who lost their lives, for their service to our country! Thank you and have a blessed Memorial Day! :-)

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I watched the race unbelievable race the crashes thank goodness that no one was hurt except a photographer after the first crash I also want to thank all the men and women who have put there lives on the line for theUSA.


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