What a feeling

Wow. Had a new symptom yesterday that set me wondering what happened. Was doing a little stuff with my son and would have sworn I was drugged or drunk. It was like being high. Could walk straight and my mind was like it had taken some potent drugs. I was wobbling and weaving everywhere. Absolutely couldn't believe what a buzz I had. Had to go in a sit down for a while. Lasted for several hours. Scared me silly. I Haven't had a drink or done any drugs in years but if I didn't know better I would swear someone had slipped me something. Anybody ever had an experience like this since being diagnosed. I'd hate to have this happen when I was out somewhere. If police had seen me I'd have been in jail.

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  • I would think this is something worth telling your doctor about, especially since it's a new symptom and a profound change. I hope you report this to your neurologist.

  • Def will. It was a feeling I would have paid good money for in the old days but not pleasant any more.

  • Doubled51, this is a common symptom for me. It actually was one of my initial symptoms. Some days it is bad enough to keep me from driving. I described it to my neuro just as you did--like I was super lightheaded or had been drinking, and a bit dizzy, but without the vertigo. greaterexp is right-share it with your doctor. I was prescribed meclizine years ago for it. These days I keep (over-the-counter) Bonine (meclizine) on hand. Please take care when walking or bending over. You could fall. And don't drive if the sensation continues when you are in a seated position. I hope your doctor is able to help you with this. 💕

  • Thanks for the info. Glad someone had similar experience. Now I know my minds not going along with everything else. I will be seeing my dr in June and will let him know. It was a feeling that was kind of scary and I must admit unpleasant at this age. Lol.thanks for the info and have a blessed day

  • I never experienced the sensation before MS. Hopefully you'll recognize it when (if) it returns. Just take care. 💕

  • I so feel that way alot,and have vertigo and been on neckline every day. Have to always move head slowly and some days yep can't or won't drive. Diffently tell your doctor.. All the best to U

  • Sounds close to vertigo, and I agree that meclizine might help. I keep it on hand at all times just in case because the vertigo episodes I've had haven't been fun at all. The first one hit me at age 20, and I had no idea what it was. Blacked out while trying to walk, fell face forward, knocked out 4 front teeth. Yes, you could fall.

  • Thanks. I'll be careful. God bless.

  • Yikes! I'm sorry to hear that agate. 😬I usually just bounced off walls or fell into bushes. I was more embarrassed than anything else. You really had a rude awakening. 💕

  • Doubled51 you said u had to go in and sit down. Were you out in the heat when this occurred? Dehydrated? Hypoglycemic?

    I immediately think any symptoms I have is related to MS but we all can have other non MS related stuff too 🙁

  • I had been very busy. We have our house under contract so my son was down from SC helping me clean out 24 years of junk from our garage and basement so I was in and out of the heat. First thing after getting inside I checked my bp and it was ok. It lasted several hours but was fine the next day. And had been drinking plenty but it was a pretty warm day.

  • Hi Doubled51 I haven't had the pleasure ☺ Welcome to our wonderful MSAA Community 💐

    I'm sorry that you went through this. Hopefully you won't again, but odds are not in our favor. Unfortunately.😞

    Like erash says, not everything is MS related, even if l do blame it for everything😁 but that's just me!😅😅 Something like that though, l call cog fog, and just wait for it to pass. Your body no longer belongs to you, it belongs to MS.😕

    But that doesn't mean we give up! It means we adjust!😊 And start listening to our bodies more. If you start to feel tired you stop and take a break. Have TV dinners in the freezer, and cleaning takes longer, and that's ok!

    Make sure you keep everything in a journal, dates, times and questions for your Neurologists.

    Hope you have a better day today!😊

    Jes 🌠

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  • @jesmd2. Even though I new I guess I do blame everything on my ms diagnosis. My wife tells me that regularly. Lol. I've had me vertigo episodes with vertigo but this seemed to go beyond. It was one do the things that out in the hospital. But I do have trouble having to do things in moderation. I was every active and slowing down it hard to do. But the fatigue I'm experiencing makes it an everyday occurence so that makes it mandantory. Thank and have a blessed day.

  • I've had the wobbling and weaving and almost falling part but not the high feeling. In a grocery store I always push a cart so I don't look like I'm drunk.

  • Good idea. Lol.

  • melack01 When I'm in the grocery store, most of the time I push a cart as well to help keep balanced on days that I don't trust myself to stay that way!!! I don't drive anymore so I don't have to worry about that.


  • I'm an old hot rodder. Giving up driving would be my end.lol. it's been such a big part of my life I'd be lost. I had to give up Harley because of back surgeries years ago but never my cars.lol. I had to sell a trans am I was restoring after my episode of me because I was unable to finish it but I will have another hot rod already finished.

  • My first episode of ms not me.ok I hate spell check.

  • Absolutely! That was the very first symptom I had! Told my doctor that it felt I was drunk all the time, without having had the pleasure of taking a drink. That doc sent me to neuro, neuro ordered MRIs and LP, and diagnosed me with MS..and the rest is history 😜

  • Wow. Sorry you have ms but good to know I'm not the only one having such a crazy feeling. I'm not proud of it but I've wasted a lot of money over the years to feel like that. Lol. I was diagnosed in April and had dizziness and balance problems but never anything like this. But as you say this rest is history. I guess we still have a lot more experiences to come. Good luck and God bless.

  • My doctor put me on Lyrica that stuff made me feel like I was drunk never taken that step again have a good day happy memorial day to all the veterans thank you

  • I'm taking gabapentin and have been for a month or so but never affected me like this before or since thank God because it helps me a lot. And I also say happy memorial day to all our veterans and God bless you all.

  • This is the main issue I have been dealing with in the last two weeks alone. My neuro wasn't sure that it was the MS which is why we are doing the lumbar puncture and spinal MRI on Friday. He believes some of lesions may be a vascular issue. Definitely want to let the doctor know.

  • Scheduling MRI tomorrow. Will be my first since diagnosis in early April. Anxious to see if any progression in lesions. Good luck. Its not a pleasant feeling I know.

  • Hello Doubled51, it's Fancy1959, and I too would like to welcome you to this wonderful chat room! You have found a safe place to come and ask questions, share concerns (just like you did), or simply speak to someone who truly understands what you are going through. This chat room is full of the most caring, kindest, and most compassionate people I have ever met!

    I have never experienced the high effect that you described since I was was in my 20's and 30's and those definitely were not MS related. I carry a card with me that shows I have MS and then goès onto list the symptoms on the back. I got it from my neurologist. I've never had to use ít, but it might come in handy some daý! Definitely call your neurologist and schedule an appointment and discuss your episode with him/her. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing and what your neurologist recommends. We are glad you have joined our extended family. Take care of yourself and remember together we are stronger!

  • Thanks. In just a few days I've come to appreciate having people to talk about this new experience in my life with people experiencing this period of our lives. Thanks for encouragement in this new chapter of my life. Dr appt and MRI coming soon. Let y'all know when I find out. God bless.

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