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What is a symptom and what isnt?


This has been draining me crazy for the past couple of months. First came the itching. The kind you cannot ignore no matter where you are. This has been going on for about two months or more. Seriously, I’ll scratch till I bleed and keep going. It’s O/C ! Has anyone else experienced this and if so how did you treat it and did it work? I’ve tried everything.

Next and new are the swollen and pretty darn painful feet and legs from the shin down. Swollen to the point where I was genuinely concerned they’d split and pain unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before in my calves and every bone below my knee just hurts. This kind of surprises me given the fact that I’m in metric s$it ton of narcotic pail relief meds. So, for me, anything that can poke it’s head through all of that gets my attention because nothing else has.

Short story is has anyone else experienced either or both of the symptoms and what if so, what if anything worked for you?

I apologize if this should have been posted somewhere else and logically I think it should in order to share the most but I’ll be dipped in bread crumbs and deep fried if I can figure out where. Is there a link that shoe the architecture/framework or the forum? If so I’d appreciate a “heads up”. Lastly, to quote a guy I like and admire, I hope that everyone is living their “best life” today and everyday.

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guitarguy I JUST saw a post about itching and it being a symptom of 'ms'. Look at a post by Atlproctor because a lot of members replied at what works for them. I just picked up a bottle of Sarna for an itch on my back. It is so annoying and it is just where I cannot reach it! Argh... :-D


Get thee to a doctor ASAP. The swelling in your legs should not be ignored.


Completely agree with what greaterexp says guitarguy !!

Doctor now!! We are not Drs, no here is! And can't give you medical advice!

But that's not good! Let us know what they say!!!!🤗💕


I just re-read the post because of the reply from greaterexp and I would agree with her in that you should let your medical team know of your swollen feet as soon as possible ~ like now!

The dr is your best choice right now not later. Also check out a pain management clinic after you see the dr 1st

I also have itchy spots on my body.

Swelling happens to me occasionally, I just lay down and raise my feet. Mine is a result of the muscles not moving the blood back to my heart.

It’s directly related to MS. You should get an ultrasound to make sure that you don’t have a clot. Those can be deadly. I don’t do anything about the itching, I just try to ignore it.

Get checked out.


in reply to CraigS

More thanks! My docs are all in board except my Nephrologist, which is arguably the most important team member for this instance.

I’ve bern checked for Reynauds three times with negative results. I’ve also had both legs checked extensively for blood clots and blood pooling as recently as two days ago again with no negative results. I’ll go in on Monday and do all of the Kidney tests but I’m sure that my Kidney is the culprit here. Pain management is under control and I’m not interested in moving the pain med level down than up to be honest. I very much appreciate all of the input you’ve provided to me.

Thank you!


Thank you all for your replies and help! I take this for granted so I failed to mention that I’ve had kidney disease for approx. 25 years now. I found out by accident when I got a raging UTI (for 6 months) from the catheter when after I had my first heart attack. The Urologist did a routine dipstick urine test and my protein level was too high to register (>3 grms) which started a long term relationship with my Nephrologist and finding out that I only have one kidney. Who’d have thunk? That clearly should have been my first thought as Edema is something you experience a lot depending on what you have and how far it’s gone. Darn dumb of me. However, I had made prior arrangements for mor testing after the holidays. I’m guessing tha kidney is the culprit her so I’ll head over to the hospital and pick up the necessary supplies to get that accomplished ASAP. Two of my other docs already know and one put me on Lasix. Lastly, I began the process of taking care of the veins in my legs several weeks ago which is what I thought triggered this, the RF & Laser ablations together with several hours of needlework on the smaller veins to close them off. I’m about 3 appts. Away from finishing that process. I’ll see what my Nephrologist says but I suspect that the results of this round of testing is predictable. Sometimes you get so caught up in one thing that you fail to pay attention to others and that’s not good. I’ll post results of that process as they become available but I expect Stage 4 or worse to be the answer. That could also answer my itching issue as well. As info becomes available I’ll post it here. I’m a bit disappointed in my Doc in that she didn’t think to check with my Nephrologist and just let it go after prescribing Lasix. I bear responsibility there too.

Stay tuned.

My feet will have bouts of itching and I, too, will scratch until it bleeds. It never hurts at that point, it just still itches! I have to put cold on it. Sometimes I'll grab a bag of frozen vegs and set on it.

I agree with most of the other responses. I as well is not a doctor but your current status is concerning.

Congestive Heart failure, Diabetes or even Lmyocite Cancer.

Hang in there and get to the Doctor.

An update to my previous post. I wouldn't just go to the doctor. I would recommend a good ER.

Again hang in there.

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