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Hello Bruce6882!

Hello Bruce6882, it's Fancy1959. I don't think we have spoken before so I would like to officially welcome you to our extended family in this wonderful chat room. You have found a safe place to call to talk to somebody who truly understand what you're going through, ask questions, or voice concerns. This chat room is blessed to have some of the most caring, kind, and compassion people I have ever met. I hope you start interacting with us by replying to post or creating a post so we can get to know each other. We have much to learn from each other as we share our stories of our successes and failures with dealing with this monster called MS! I look for to talking to you soon and until I do please take care. And lastly always remember together we are stronger!

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Hi bruce6882

Happy to meet you and welcome to the group! Fancy1959 is right! I've found so many understanding and knowledgeable people here. They don't mind if you vent and they don't mind if you joke either (I've been known to tell some really bad jokes-haha). The one thing I do know is everyone here is there for you when times get tough as well as if you find someone here who needs their spirits lifted everyone seems to help each other.

Hope to see you posting!



Hello bruce6882, welcome from California. This is a wonderful forum, so many great people here with answers to your questions and offering their friendship. The majority all share MS in one form or another. There are a few "Caregivers" here that also contribute to our group. Lynn


Hello Bruce, welcome to the group. I've check this forum every day. It's nice to have people understand what you are going through.

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bruce6882 Its funny that Fancy1959 Started by saying Hello Bruce! Reminds me of finding Nemo. Hello bruce Fish are friends not food. Sorry. Movies are the only thing I can remember. But seriously. Welcome. We are a fun over opinionated bunch of people that love to listen talk and help! kidding about the over opinionated! Its nice to have another man here. Not that its nice you have MS, but nice to be able to talk to a guy. SO I am shutting up now. Welcome aboard.


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