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Faith restored


Today I received the best surprise in a very long time. I was beginning to think I wouldn't find any assistance in obtaining medical equipment or assistance of any kind. Financially, we are on the brink of being homeless, but thanks to a few giving souls, this, for the time being, is no longer an issue. Thanks to the resources on MSSA, I now have a walker and some great eating utensils. I refuse to become immobile and this helps tremendously on achieving just that. Faith slowly restored.

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Hi Gerry this is ssdw1958 I am so happy for you I have that same rollator it is a BIG help in getting around you can carry stuff in the basket I do have to let you know that the breaks do loosen so you can have them tightened up where you got it,I always check it to make sure it is just right. rI went to a bike shop and they had know clue how to do it. They were worse then before go to some one who nows what they are doing but the breaks will last for a long time. Happy wheeling.

P. S. Make sure the silver bar Is all the way down.

What a blessing, I have the same Walker, very much a security blanket for me. I love the cutlery, I may try to find that here in the uk. Thanks for sharing, blessings Jimeka 🦋 🌈

mrsmike in reply to jimeka

I have the same cutlery. It is a big help.

Hi GerriG

I love your walker! I have one just like yours! Same color too! My physical therapist wanted me to have a walker with a seat when we talked about doing the WALK MS (do I have that backwards??) last year. I'm getting close to the time I "might" have to use the walker daily, but I don't know if I'm ready to give up on walking with the cane yet.

I'm so happy you received the items you needed! MSSA came right to me when I called them after I was first diagnosed...I didn't know what to expect. They gave me lists and lists of resources for just about everything including drivers/rides! MSSA have very helpful people!

Hugs and Prayers to you!


GerryG, what a smart and versatile walker : ) The cutlery will be so useful too !

I bagged myself a free perching stool recently, in good condition - my partner does a parcel delivery round and one of his customers had put it outside for disposal, as her son had bought her a new one. She was happy for it to go to a new home with us : )

Enjoy your new aids - they can make a huge difference to our abilities and quality of life : )

Angela x

erash in reply to angelite


What's a piercing tool? 😳

angelite in reply to erash

Ouch ! I don't think I'd like to sit on one of those, Erash ! I got one of these instead - with a white seat : )) x

erash in reply to angelite

Jesmcd2 and angelite

I guess I had problems with reading comprehension this morning 😜

angelite in reply to erash

Erash, I misread things frequently ! I first read SueAB's reply to Cheshcat's latest post as 'Have you tried Dynamite ?' instead of 'Dramamine', for dizziness - lol ! I call it 'Predictive Text Brain' syndrome : )) x

erash in reply to angelite

angelite LOL

Predictive Text Brain Syndrome..a new phrase to me but oh so true

Ponymonroe in reply to erash

Cog fog is a good term. Cognitive thinking brain fog😊


So happy for you! Fight on and never quit 👊

Thrilled for you! The things that can make your life a little easier.


So glad you both appreciate the goods and help you received from us at MSAA, GerriG and jennie62 ! We have shared these wonderful words with our Client Services and mailing departments, and they also appreciate the thanks back!

If anyone is interested in assistive equipment and cooling aids from MSAA, you can learn more here:

- John, MSAA

Jesmcd2CommunityAmbassador in reply to johnMSAA

Cut and pasted! Thanks johnMSAA


I'm so happy for you! MS is tough enough without worrying about money issues. I'm so grateful that MSAA is helping so many here in many ways. Sometimes, we need a little tangible proof that we haven't lost our value and that others care.

Enjoy the freedom you'll have with your new rollator!

Thank you, EVERYONE, for the great and much appreciated words of encouragement and wisdom and advice. I'm not ready to stop walking, so I won't!


GerriG I am absolutely thilled that MSAA was able to help you out this way!☺💕 I have to say it's always wonderful to know that donations go to Great Causes! And there cooling vests are a godsend ☺

Keep walking my friend!☺

Jes 🌠


I'm so happy you recieved the items you needed 2 get along. Pretty nice isn't it !!!! Awful Kind of MSAA. I as well have. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season God Bless You

That is wonderful, congrats!


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